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Current Projects

One of the most important current projects is the Community Led Action Plan which can be found here

EYE Project Update

Whilst we recently reported the fantastic news that we now have planning permission for the EYE building, there is still much work to do before we can even put a brick in the ground!

Currently we are working with Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council to work out the terms of the lease for the land where the EYE building will go. We are also speaking with several building companies who are interested in tendering for the work.

We are working toward being in a position to have serious discussions with potential fund and grant providers who will enable us to finance the building of EYE.

Considerable progress has been made over the last few months although we admit, none of it visible to the general public!

Your patience will be rewarded! We promise! We will soon have a facility that caters for the needs of all young people that will be the envy of the whole County!

July 2017

Wayfarere Posts


In line with the SPD (Supplementary Planning Document) recommendations, the Community Partnership applied for and has been granted funding from the European LEADER Fund to provide much needed Wayfinder Posts, a new town map, visitor brochures and a new Tourism Website.

We are working on phase 1 at the moment and hope to have the Wayfinder Posts installed at strategic positions around the town by late September!

Leader Bid

Road Safety Update: Oct 2017

Road Safety update

The BCP will be working with WAKOOS after school clubs and other pre-school groups in Billingshurst to raise road safety awareness as part of the National Road Safety Week (Nov 20 - 26 2017).

We will be working with 8 - 11 yr old to design postcards that will be put through the doors of houses where hedges and trees need cutting back in order to make being a pedestrian around Billingshurst safer. Currently there are too many hedges that have been allowed to grow too much into pathways and pavements causing young people, children, people with pushchairs and wheelchair users all to have to walk in the road. This is dangerous! We are also speaking with West Sussex County Council to ensure they cut back all council owned hedges and trees, especially in those areas where road safety signs are being obscured by foliage. Please help us by checking your own hedges and make sure they are cut back before you get a postcard through your door.

This is an ideal time of year to do this job. Thank you.
Road Safety update With the younger children (2 - 7 yr olds) we will be helping run Beep! Beep! Days! These are designed to teach younger children road safety and awareness; things like, the importance of holding a grown-ups hand, not running but walking when they’re out and about in the streets and teaching them the importance of using their eyes and ears to know where cars and lorries are and why they are dangerous.

Look out for children wearing Zac the Zebra masks they will be making

Be Active Poster

Seniors Luncheon ClubSeniors Luncheon Club

Did you know the BCP runs a twice monthly luncheon club for senior citizens at the Community Centre in Roman Way? For more details please contact us

We’re aiming to make Billingshurst a Dementia Friendly Town

For the past few months a number of us have been working with Horsham District Council and Horsham Age UK to make Billingshurst a dementia friendly town. We are encouraging the shops, library and café s and restaurants to have clearer signs and quieter spaces for dementia sufferers. Also, the new wayfinder posts that will be installed at various locations around Billingshurst have been specifically designed with dementia sufferers in mind.

Welcome to our new Village Agent

Carol Boniface is our new Village Agent whose role it is to support vulnerable older people within our community. Carol’s role is funded by the Billingshurst Lion’s Club and Horsham Age UK.
Carol can be contacted on 01403 260560

This Community Project will focus on an analysis of current local business, whilst developing a USP for Billingshurst which will provide a "hook" upon which to hang any future promotion of business in the community, mainly in the High Street and Jengers Mead.

For more information click here

EYE: Demand Review

Billingshurst Street Pastors Newsletter


Welcome to our second Billingshurst Street Pastor newsletter!  Its aim is to keep our street and prayer pastors, and other supporters up-to-date with the latest news, vision and testimonies. 

It was great to celebrate another anniversary at our AGM in May, during which Alice was offically commissioned as a member of the patrolling team.  2018 will be our 5th Anniversary so look out for details of that special event. 

This term, we welcomed a new Street Pastor, Mary from Haringey S/P team.  We are also able to announce that Ben Sheldon (St. Mary's) has joined the management team.  Welcome Mary and Ben! 

We also said goodbye to Alix Stockwell as she and Tom move to church plant in Redditch.  A massive thanks for all Alix's hard work out on patrol and on the committee - she came up with so many great ideas about how to run the team.  We hope you settle well and are blessed in your new community. 

If you would like to contribute articles, testimonies or messages, please click here to email or ring 786706.

With love,
Billingshurst Street Pastor Management Committee.

Don Newport (Chairman), Meredith Mason (Treasurer), Emma Fogg (Senior S/P), Peter Brooker (P/P Co-ordinator), Andrew Colwell, Ben Sheldon & Ben Martin.