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Planning approval is finally granted for the eye project. see the attached link for the details.

We now move the project to the grant seeking stage and are seeking help so if a parent of a young person in billingshurst would like to help please contact us via the link on this page.

Via the eye project link you will also see the project’s details. this is a key project for our younger generation who need this important project. their words can be seen in the demand reviews.

We would thank all those who have supported us with this project to bring it to this key stage. there is still a long way to go before we see the project up and running and we do need every help we can have over the coming months. so if you want to help your children in this project do get in touch with us.

The EYE Project Core Team

You can find our new charity certificate here >>

and you can see the full planning permission here >>

Our new website for the Eye project can be found here >>

You can also find supporting evidence for the project on these pages under Demand Review which was previously included on this site under Current Projects but has now been included in the Eye section of the website. The Demand Review provides information about feedback from the community obtained from the public during the consultation phase of this project.


Click here for the “Newly Revised Blue Book” that explains in some detail what this exciting project, for the young people of our community, is all about. The need for this project is well establish and it’s the young people of our community that have been the driving force behind it. They want it and the Community Partnership will deliver it.  EYE now has its own website and face book so we invite your comments

MAYDAY! The EYE Project “Education and Youth Enterprise”

This is a community project which has been eight years in gestation and we are now at the post-planning stage where legal agreements between various authorities are being drawn up. Peter Woodman is very supportive of the project, and the site, which is adjacent to the school’s all-weather pitch near Myrtle Lane, will be of great benefit to the school and its students.

The EYE Project (an initiative to build a dedicated youth facility in the village) is looking for support from any parent with professional legal skills to oversee some legal documents on our behalf. We are not necessarily looking for free (pro bono) help – although we wouldn’t object – but rather than simply pay High Street rates, we wondered if there is a Weald parent who may be able to do the work, or knows anyone with the necessary professional qualifications, who would offer their services at a reduced rate.

If you feel you can help please respond in the first instance to Michelle Goodenough the Head’s PA.
Many thanks in advance.

The EYE Project Team.

                                         Billingshurst gets behind Neighbourhood Plan


23 January 2017: Over a thousand Billingshurst residents have already contributed to the preparation of their Parish Neighbourhood Plan. The consultations were launched in June last year, and four more public sessions are still to come, plus one at The Weald School.

To date, ‘Health’ is seen to be the top priority for Billingshurst residents by a margin of 35% over ‘Parking’ and ‘Retail’, with ‘Education’, Infrastructure’ and Transport’, equal third. These are followed by ‘Environment/Recreation’, ‘Employment’, and ‘Tourism, Arts and Culture’.

The Parish Clerk, Greg Burt, said, “The Steering Committee stresses that the Neighbourhood Plan represents a ‘once-in-a-generation’ opportunity for every resident to have a real say in future development within the Parish. The public response has been outstanding and if anyone wants to ‘get involved’ in producing the Plan in any way, large or small, just contact the Parish office or see www. or call 01403 782555”.

Mr. Burt said that the Steering Committee canvassed the public at the Billingshurst Show and the Billingshurst Flower Show in the summer, and at BilliFest in December producing a combined 650 responses. Two other public consultations in the High Street and one at the Railway Station produced 265 responses. In addition, 62 businesses responded as well as Churches, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Lions Club.

The four upcoming public meetings will be held on 28 January (11am-3pm), 16 February (6pm-9pm) and 4 March (Noon-4pm) in the Billingshurst Centre, and on 7 February (5pm-7pm) in the Adversane Hall.

The Neighbourhood Plan project started early last year after the establishment of a Parish Council Steering Committee made up of six Parish Councillors and six non-Councillors, plus County and District Councillors and a number of other volunteers.

The non-Councillors include representatives of the Billingshurst Chamber of Commerce and the Billingshurst Community Partnership. Planning consultants, Troy Navigus Partnership were appointed to advise the Steering Committee, and the process is expected to take some two years to complete.

The Steering Committee comprises Parish Councillors Sue Kingston (Chair), Paul Berry, Paul Leaney, Adam Du Lieu, Roy Margetts, and Lesley Wilding (Vice Chair); County Councillor Amanda Jupp, and District Councillors Nigel Jupp, Gordon Lindsay and Kate Rowbottom. Non-Councillors are: Vince Bellenot, Ken Johnston, Patrick Perks BEM, Martin Spurrier, and Alan Wadey.

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk at 01403 782555 or Martin Spurrier 01403 741391 / 07799368464


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