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Thursday 15 June 2017


Helen Abbott



Management Committee

Hazel Barnes


The Wednesday Group

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Tony Burke



Treasurer Director

Denise Campbell


Chair BCP


Emma Fogg


Street Pastors


Owen Davies




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June Perks


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Patrick Perks



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Carol Terry


Billingshurst Choral society

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108.1 Welcome: Declaration of Interest... No declarations of interest.

108.2 Apologies for absence, Ben Sheldon, Sandy Duck, Ken Johnson, John Jones, Carol Boniface, Alan Grant, , Keith Brown., Gordon Braun, Kate Rowbottom, Gillian Knight, Jane Cross

  • Minutes of the meeting held on 11 May 2017 were accepted. Unanimously

108.4 .Matters Arising from the above minutes:

    103.4.1 SPD will be signed by HDC, BCP, CoC and the PC at the next six-monthly meeting – date TBA. Action DC

    107.5.4 Letter to website users re cost –a copy was circulated to those present. JBP had sent this by email and by hand. No positive responses have been received so far.

    107.5.5 Tourism & Visitor Workshop at BCVC– DC - A reminder that this is on the 20th June, 10- am – 12, all welcome.

    107.5.7 Food and Drinks Fair – DC had a meeting with several retailers including the butcher and baker. Jointly they will be approaching all food and drink retailers/pubs etc to encourage them to submit free entries in the HDC 2017/18 Food & Drink Brochure. The Food & Drink Festival runs for the entire month of September throughout the district. It is hoped that the local food retailers will join in with a planned Street Food Festival in Billingshurst on 9 September.

    107.10.1 Notice Board – AB the board is overgrown. He will produce a permanent sign with similar wording to “welcome to Billingshurst, Open for Business”. Action AB

    105.9.4 Better Pavements CT has sent a copy of the Living Streets Report to Chris Stark.

    106.9.6 Lark in the Park CT Outlined the event planned for 16 July. The organisers have produced a new poster which PP will put in our display boards. Action PP

108.5 Report from the Chair DC

    1. The £12,315 LEADER bid funding was successful. This is for the Billinghsurst Visitor Project which will be delivered in 4 stages: Wayfinder posts, a new Map of Billingshurst, Visitor brochures, and a new tourism website. There are strict rules about how the money can be claimed (in arrears). DC and AB are meeting with the LEADER Manager at County Council level to finalise the financial agreement shortly. We are still waiting for confirmation of planning permission for the Wayfinder Posts. The project group ( PP, KJ, Martin Spurrier, Linda Spain HDC, Nigel Weston HDC and DC) will continue to meet regularly to manage the overall project. The Wayfinder posts will be dark blue with white writing to ensure that they are dementia-friendly. The 5 posts will be sited at Station Road opposite the church path, the top of Station Road A29 Junction, Mill Lane, and Jengers Mead.

    2. Community Grants – DC and PP met following last month’s meeting and agreed that the WSCC grant that PP applied for - £1000 - (2 years at £500 a year) would be used for the Website and Library Display Boards. AB reported that we have already received the total £1,000. The £1,000 received from HDC will be allocated 25% for the Website and Library Display boards , and 75% will be credited to the general account. AB will in future show a separate item in the monthly balance sheet for the Website and Library Display boards so we have a clearer understanding of what money is available for the IT.

    3. There will be Free Workshops offered by HDC “Prevention of Violent Extremism and Radicalisation” 26 July/2 October/4 December at HDC Offices, 10am-12pm (see attached information), Additionally.
      Tuesday 20 September, 10 -12 on Event Planning from HDC

    4. Car Parking. DC was sent copy of a letter from the Parish Clerk to HDC. DC read out some of the comments including the confusion over the names of the car parks. Several members commented that the Myrtle Lane Car Park is still not publicised enough . OD said that the wording regarding payment after 6 pm is not clear enough.

    5. DEFRA have sent a letter re LEADER applications advising that all should continue applying for grants until BREXIT happens.. If any organisation wishes to apply, DC has experience and is willing to discuss the process with them. The maximum grant that can be applied for is £75,000 and the minimum £2,500.

108.6 Financial Report AB See attached report. £50 has been received from the History Society for inclusion on our Website and Library Display boards . The PC has granted the luncheon club an amount to help with the room hire. AB will approach The Lions club for additional funding for the Luncheon Club should there be a shortfall in the amount we need to continue running it. Also he will apply to the Parish Clerk for a grant for the General Fund in September. Action AB

108.7 Reports Received:

BAIT, Heritage Trail, Scams (Amazon and contactless payments), Leader Report via DEFRA letter, EYE project, Village Agent, Treasurer

108.8 Questions on project reports

    BAIT – EF gave a synopsis of her attempts to get something done about the traffic and lack of footpaths in Marringdean Road. PP mentioned Paul Berry’s hopes to set up a Speed Watch but this is not progressing well. Volunteers are needed to help lobby the Police and to help them identify places where speeding mostly occurs. Contact Paul Berry at the Council Offices to volunteer or for further information.

Correspondence with HDC Planning Department indicates that nothing can be done about the size of the traffic using Marringdean Road to access the new building site. Some discussion followed over this problem leading to the “Safer Routes to School” project and lack of footpaths in several places in Billingshurst.

It was agreed that we would produce a petition about the lack of footpaths and get signatures at the Billingshurst Show (24 June). We will also display a map highlighting where there is a lack of footpaths. Action CT/EF/DC

It was commented that County Councillor Amanda Jupp should be approached to further our concerns re footpaths. Action DC

Other comments made were: Why doesn’t Planning Approval insist upon developers providing footpaths? The Chief Planning Officer should not grant planning permission when footpaths are not included or do not link with existing network of footpaths. Chris Stark will be contacted by EF and CT re the footpath. DC will write to Chris Lyons. Action DC

It was pointed out that the “old” blue parking clock is still required at the Leisure Centre.

Heritage Trail PP The Rural Partnership wants to update and clean the Heritage Trail Plaques. (there is one outside the village hall on the main road). They would like a representative from each local partnership to get involved. It was suggested that The History Society would be interested in this project. Action GK

108.9 Main Report No main report

108.10 AOB

1 Billifest as KJ was not at the meeting, this was held in abeyance.

2 Billingshurst Show and Carnival.
Organisation agreed as follows.

    AB has booked the plot and the tables
    OD has the display boards
    The EYE PROJECT is the main display
    The petition will be on the stand
    A map will be displayed showing the lack of footpaths
    PP will be there at 10 am for setting up and all day
    DC will be there am but not pm
    Can we raffle the hamper? Who will approach Glen? If not save it for Billifest
    JBP will produce a rota asking for volunteers to sign up for slots. Action JBP?

3. JU recorded that the luncheon club was very pleased with the help they receive from the BCC staff, especially regarding setting up etc. CT echoed this in respect of the Singing Group.

4. Reprint of Walks Around Billingshurst leaflet JU - This leaflet is very popular. The History Society will be asked if there are changes. The map should show the pubs. The costs are small and perhaps we could obtain a grant from WSCC. The PC has a new map showing the roads. Action JU

5. Minibus Organiser needed. HB said that if 4 or 5 people volunteered they could divide up the various areas stated in the job specification. Jane Cross will be asked to put this plea on facebook and the Village Tweet. PP will circulate. Action PP

5.CT circulated posters regarding The Billingshurst Choral Society Concert on the 8 July, 7.30 at the Leisure Centre, Weald School.

6. HA reported that thieving was occurring in local shops, especially Sainsburys.

7. PP Alan Grant has volunteered to become Chairman of BAIT and he is happy for JBP to continue with any secretarial work.

108.11 Date of next meeting 27 July 2017

Meeting closed at 9.30pm



Title Minutes 15 June 2017

Ref 108

Owner Denise Campbell

Author June Perks



Name Denise Campbell

Role Chair, Billingshurst Community Partnership Management Committee

Release Date

Signature………Denise Campbell Chairman………………………………………………….





7 July 2017


27 July 2017


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Leader Report vi DEFRA letter

Event management plan HDC

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MONTH June 2017

1 Speed Watch PB has contacted the Storrington Co-ordinator who is willing to come to a meeting in Billingshurst. PB has received 13 responses from volunteers willing to take part in a speed watch. Steve Chalcraft suggested PB contact, Damian Cecil, PCSO, Community Speed Team, who will know what is required when setting up a Speed Watch.
SC knew of an available mobile sign – SID - but PB’s idea is to use a gun manned by the volunteers. The result of this could be a report and warning letters sent to the people speeding.

DC commented that the change in parking restrictions had slowed traffic down.

PB felt that the Speed Watch organisation should be a stand- alone not run by the PC but by the community. PP asked whether BAIT could be a useful organisation to be included. PB will give PP a list of the volunteers signed up so far. The BCP will be asked for volunteers. Action PP/PB
PB said that the PC was more in favour of a fixed sign but the cost of undertaking a traffic survey etc would be prohibitive.

HA had heard that Five Oaks was preparing for a gateway or Speed Watch. She would like to know which. Action PB
PP felt that there were legal issues and asked to whom should an appeal be made if necessary. SC replied that this would be fulfilled by the police.

CT asked for clarification of a “line of sight” – 100 metres.

2 SG queried the possibility of road calming. PB - PC had lobbied WSCC for traffic calming outside the Alders Development; this could take , say, 2 years before completion.

3 Marringdean Road EF had written a letter regarding the safety of lorries heavier and wider than the warning notices with a likely result of there being an accident one day. The building site would require servicing. There is no footpath on one side and it was questionable as to whether the planning permission had taken into the account heavy lorries. Should the 30 mph be extended? GB Is there no obligation for large vehicles to be directed to the nearest access point rather than driving the length of the road? EF felt that planning approval should take into account health and safety issues. PB said that the PC could not use 106 money for a footpath.

4 Better Pavements/Safer Routes to School CT has sent a copy of the footpath survey to Chris Stark (Area Highways and Transport, WSCC). There is the issue of repair of pavements as well as safer routes to school. The money allocated by WSCC is only for repair and not new pavements which are needed for Safer Routes to School.

5 Items from the Police Report given by Steve Chalcraft Acting Inspector Sussex Police

Organisation It is his intention for PCSO's to visit a village at least once a week in order that the community see officers on the street to speak to. Unfortunately the hub-based allocation of PCSO's means that he cannot provide a single name to talk to, however over time he hopes that we will be familiar with all the PCSO's for the District. 

The changes to the team (more focus on prevention) are likely to be adopted in September.

Emphasis is given to the decision by the inspector who assesses and grades the need. The force is reactive, however it is preferable for it to be preventative. Eventually there will be Enforcement Officers.

HA asked for someone to contact being as the office in the BVHCCentre was now closed.
Action SC
Street Pastors EF Who can the Street Pastors email with their Rota? Action SC

6 Marringdean Road EF has written a letter to complain about the large lorries and signage along this stretch of road. Especially in view of the further development. Evidence is needed. Suggestions were given as to where data can be obtained (WSCC?). There appears to be a data recorder across the road. An approach to the developer was considered. PP suggested EF should look at the planning conditions of the new development and also approach the Planning Officer.

7 Drugs – not so prevalent in the Station Road Gardens but have been found in Daux Wood. (SC confirmed that if found by anyone they would not be liable if handed in to the police).

8 Neighbourhood Watch SG has emailed to a list of 70 people which was given to him by Andrew Moffatt, however he had received only 18 replies. There will be a stand asking for recruits at the Billingshurst Show, volunteers please to help man the stand. JBP will circulate the BCP. Action JBP

Billingshurst High Street


Heritage Trail

MONTH June 2017

The following requires a representative to attend a meeting of the working group to be held on 14th June at 2.00 pm venue Horsham Museum.

Horsham District Heritage Trail (Note a booklet is available on line from the HDC Website that explains in detail the Heritage Trail. Billinghurst’s plaque is located in front of the Community Centre by the Billingshurst Memorial.)

Heritage Trail

An audit of the condition of the trail plaques was carried out by the Town Partnerships and a subsequent report was presented to the HRTF in March 2017 where it was agreed that the report should be presented to the curator of the Horsham Museum who is the current custodian of the plaques. Meetings were held on the 22nd April and the 8th May with Jeremy Knight (Museum curator), Leo Jago and Les Ampstead to discuss the findings and to map out any future actions.

A booklet has been produced titled “Horsham Heritage Trail” which gives historical information regarding the location of the plaques. The book lists all plaques and locations. The plaques were made by Tree Top Designs of Charlwood and erected by Bell Signs and funded by the “Heritage Lottery Fund” at a cost (in 1999) of £150 for the small plaques and £300 for the larger ones.

The plaques convey the history of the Parish/location in which they are placed.

The suggestion is that:

Each Council should maintain in good order the plaque/s and its surrounding area in their Parish
Funding for whatever is agreed to be carried out should be sought in 2017/2018 in order that the plaques can be refurbished ready for the proposed Horsham year of culture 2019

Each Community Partnership to nominate a representative to be part of the project
Leo Jago, Les Ampstead and Jeremy Knight are to produce criteria for plaque selection for discussion with each Parish Council

Each Community Partnership to approach their Parish Council to progress the project

Jeremy Knight to contact other Parishes with the criteria to progress a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund once the full scope and costs are established

Amazon scams

MONTH June 2017

Scammers are impersonating Amazon in a variety of different ways. If you're a customer, here's what you need to know to avoid getting caught. Amazon's huge number of customers unfortunately means its name is being used by scammers in a bid to get their hands on your money.

Here are some of the most common Amazon scams to watch out for and how to keep safe.

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Email selected as a random winner
The first thing worth flagging up about this scam email is that the subject line and body of the email claim different things. The subject claims ‘Your package delivery has been scheduled for tomorrow’, but the body of the email offers you a prize. The scam claims Amazon bagged top position as the UK’s most popular shopping website, and to celebrate, the user has been randomly chosen to get one of the various gifts up for grabs. The email has a button to press which says: ‘Discover My Gift Now’, which will of course, redirect you to a site not associated with Amazon and scammers will be able to steal your details.

Order confirmation email
This Amazon scam regularly does the rounds and looks like a genuine order confirmation.
Action Fraud warned customers recently that “” was sending spoofed emails claiming users had made an order online and the template mimicked an automated email notification. But there are many fake addresses out there sending similar emails. Unfortunately with this scam, many users might click on the link to see if there's been a mistake on their account, and somehow two accounts have been mixed up. This isn't the case, and if you're certain you haven't ordered said item (unless the children have been using your account again), it's a scam and you should report it.

Reward Voucher
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Eye Project

Supporting Notes: by John Griffin used at the BCP Meeting 11 May
attached to June 2017 Meeting’s Minutes.

Sub-optimal site compared to our preferred site (station Road) but inherent problems needed to be overcome. Gas Main and Access.

We appointed an architect and he supervised this phase. Viability of the site was key but all the usual studies were undertaken such as topography, geological, contamination, gas main siting, restrictive covenants, environmental impact statement (slow worms, bats, great crested newts etc.)

Site was landlocked and a vehicular access was established through the Myrtle Lane car park courtesy of HDC. A formal access agreement will be drawn up once we have finalised the lease with WSCC.

A firm of solicitors has been appointed to oversee all the legal documentation regarding Planning, Access and Lease Agreements.

There were 22 conditions imposed - mostly by Highways – which ranged from emergency services provision, refuse collection arrangements through to safety concerns and parking. Until these were satisfied – even though outline planning consent has already been given – we could not proceed until the S106 provision was met. This required a formal legal agreement regarding access between EYE, HDC and WSCC. This was finalised on 27th April. (Read letter). Only now can Planning Permission be granted to allow the actual building.

In order to complete move through these various stages we needed to satisfy various stakeholders both in HDC and WSCC that we had a viable Business Plan. (Show copy). This was professionally produced by Tony Priestley’s daughter at very fair family rates. There will still be questions around funding and financial sustainability which can only be answered as we progress along the timetable continuum.

An example of this will be the ‘conditional’ Agreement to Lease that we shall enter into with WSCC. They shall want further reassurance that the monies will be available to construct the facility as well as having a robust revenue programme to maintain the functionality of the EYE facility. The lease agreement has also required the approval of Weald Governors for the site to be used as well as a sign off from the DfE for a change of use from school to community use.

We have three contractors interested in quoting for the work: Sunninghill, Alan Farrow and Stone house. Once we have the quotes we shall decide a preferred contractor.

We already have S106 promised to the tune of £190,000 and we shall need a further £700,000 - £850,000 from Grant Providers. PP and I shall be preparing our case for these monies at the appropriate stage - once we have the lease agreement and contractor in place.

We shall appoint a Quantity Surveyor (Piers Hunter) to project manage alongside our architect and agree a timetable. Realistically, we do not envisage the building phase until early 2018.

At this point we shall have to have appointed our Trustees and set up a management organisation to run the facility. This will also involve the creation of volunteer workers drawn from users of the facility and parents. Up until now the work has mainly been carried out by the Core Team (Patrick, Tony, Denise and myself) with occasional approvals going before Partnership Directors. However, we are now at the stage where we need to involve a broader group of interested people. We envisage an EYE committee consisting of the Core Team, plus an HDC Cllr / Parish Cllr / Youth Worker (Ben Sheldon) / Youth Reps / Finance Control (Russell Harvey – parent) / Jane Cross.

Meantime, the Core Team will keep the various plates spinning whilst putting out any fires!!


Village Agent
AUTHOR Carol Boniface
MONTH June 2017

I would like to update that I continue to engage with residents and businesses within the village and have made a few referrals for support for older and/or vulnerable people.  I will also be attending the Billingshurst show at the end of June.

Kind regards,


Carol Boniface

Village Agent Billingshurst & Shipley
Age UK Horsham District | Lavinia House | Dukes Square | Horsham | RH12 1GZ 

Tel: 01403 260 560 |Mobile 07747 293382

Author Tony Burke

I am currently working on the annual accounts for last year and because I have yet to finalise the b/f figures with the accountant I have not produced my report in the usual table form.

Since my last report (10 May) there has been little financial activity on General Projects apart from payments relating to maintenance of our website and for our Domain Name. The anticipated grant payments from HDC & WSCC have arrived.

On the EYE Project we have received a further payment (£630) of S106 grant.

Tony Burke
14 June 2017