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Thursday 16 February 2017


Helen Abbott



Management Committee

Hazel Barnes


Wednesday Group

Management Committee

Keith Brown


Station Road Gardens

Management Committee

Tony Burke



Treasurer Director

Denise Campbell


Chair BCP


Owen Davies




Carolyn Gibbs




Alan Grant




Gillian Knight


History Society


June Perks


Secretary to the Partnership

Management Committee

Patrick Perks



Management Committee

Carol Terry


Billingshurst Choral society

Management Committee


Minutes June Perks (JBP)

105.1 Welcome: DC . Declaration of Interest... No declarations of interest.

105.2 Apologies for absence John Griffin, Tony Priestley, Jane Cross, Ben Sheldon, Sandy Duck, Ken Johnson, John Jones, Martin Spurrier, Gordon Braun, Kate Rowbottom, Gordon Lindsay, John Underwood.

105.3 Minutes of the meeting held on the 3 5 January were accepted as a true record. Prop: Keith Brown, Seconded Ton Burke Unanimous

Matters Arising from the above minutes:

103.4.1 CLP This has been delivered along with the The Big Book of Scams. DC thanked Jane Cross, Gordon Braun, Hazel Barnes and Carol Terry who helped deliver them. The Directors have agreed that the BCP account should be credited with £200 from the CLP fund for delivering the CLP to the new houses.

SPD is still not signed. DC reported that amendments had been agreed by the Directors and assuming that the Parish Council and the Chamber of Commerce also agree, then it will go to HDC Cabinet on the 29 February.

Neighbourhood Plan PP reported that the meeting with the PC and Weald Students had gone well.

104.9.1 Promoting Billingshurst CG pointed out that with experience of the Creatives, this could prove to be an arduous task. After a short discussion in view of John Underwood’s absence, this will be held in abeyance for inclusion on a future agenda.

104.9.4 Inventory There is now a complete inventory of assets. DC is making enquiries about increasing storage space at JNB Storage in Pulborough. Questioning the value of these assets and insurance, TB pointed out that most of the equipment was more than 4 years old and therefore could not be replaced “like for like” therefore they should be written off. However, it would be costly to replace. Action DC

Report from Chair DC LEADER Project

Leader Bid – we are now through to Phase 2 which requires a lot of in-depth information. DC/PP/MS held a meeting with Linda Spain, Nigel Weston and Richard Chalk (Leader Manager). Planning permission must be in place and we have to show that we have match funding. We have applied to the CLC for Community Initiative Funding for money for printing and the cost of planning permissions required for the Wayfinding posts. Hearing date is 6 March 2017

The PC will discuss ownership and maintenance of the posts after they are installed at the next F & GP meeting is on the 22 February. If agreement from the PC is not forthcoming, then we will apply for a grant to support the Web and Library sites. However, it was felt by all present that the sign posts are really needed and it is hoped the PC will agree.

The final application date for the LEADER bid is 29 March 2017

Report –AB see attached report with financial statement. £100 had been received from the Piazza Italia Market which will be written under “Markets” in the accounts. TB took the opportunity to point out the true cost of paying in bank charges – in future these charges will be attributed to events and / or projects. EYE has its own bank account. A summary of the bank charges will be produced at the end of the Financial Year.

105.7 Questions on project reports.

Luncheon Club SD requested for help with transport. Several volunteers came forward with the following provisos – check personal insurance policy; everyone should get a copy of the rota with contact numbers in the event of an emergency at home; there is a Vulnerable Adults Policy. DC will communicate this information to SD. Action DC

Singing for Pleasure CT Going from strength to strength.

No main report

105.9 AOB

Piazza Italiana See PP’s report with attachments. About 12 Volunteers required for marshalling. Simon Faro will donate a hamper which will be raffled in aid of BCP funds

DC Reporting Verbally JU’s –JU and DC have met Joy Hearn HDC Dementia officer to establish closer working links. Jane Cullum has resigned. Age UK is in the process of interviewing for her replacement. The present arrangement is a pilot scheme until the end of next year when Age UK is hoping to apply for a lottery grant.

In order to make Billingshurst a more dementia friendly place, clearer signs are needed – the Village Hall have agreed to make clearer signs and Whispers have also been approached. It is hoped that a quiet area will be available for dementia sufferers and disadvantaged people at The Billingshurst Show.

3 EYE PP The quantity surveyor and architect are in the process of sending out invitations to tender to 3 and possibly 4 or 5 builders. TB is carrying out due diligence. Action TB

When asked about timescales – it was hoped that grant providers would be identified mid-year 2018. Caution – although WSCC and HDC are in agreement and the Weald have approved – use of the land, it is now subject to the Department of Education’s approval.

Pavements CT See Amanda Jupp’s reply to CTs enquiries regarding money available for pavements and repairs. CT has pointed out to WSCC that Safer Routes to School have identified areas where pavement is required. WSCC’s reply to CT included a comment that they need to assess identified footways rather than providing new ones. Bearing in mind that an assessment had already been recently carried out regarding The Community Street Audit by “Living Streets” a charity organisation accompanied by BPC and CT. Further dialogue is needed between all interested parties.

New Dance Club a taster on the 9 March at Billingshurst Village Hall. Ballroom and Latin. We will circulate the information to our members.

Choral Society CT Handouts distributed for Elijah on Saturday 8 April. Tickets from Henry Adams.

The Wednesday Group HB – is now 59 strong and is very popular.

History Society and road names. GK was pleased to report that the spine roads for the new development will be called by local names – eg those on the war memorial with a poppy on the sign.

AG CoC’s Billibiz Show is on the 5 May 10 – 3 pm if you know of someone who would like to exhibit, get in touch with Sandy Duck for more details.

Adversane Pressure Group AG reported that a residents association had been formed to counteract the proposed building on 2 more sites adjacent to Brinsbury College. PC has expressed that they are against these developments which are still in the planning stage. The proposed developments are considered to be in in the West Chiltington area, and therefore will have no S106 gain to Billingshurst or Pulborough

Station Road Gardens KB Pleased with the growth and development of the Garden but need volunteers and support. Without Ford Prison support it would be an impossible task to achieve the level of work currently undertaken. There are plans to hold a summer event in the gardens in June / July. KB expressed concerns over young people and substance misuse during school hours in the gardens. PP will arrange for KB to meet with Peter Woodman, Head Teacher . Ben Sheldon, the Community Youth Worker should be advised of this also with a view to being part of the solution to the problem. Action PP and KB

YES KB wondered whether this project should be suspended in view of fewer people taking this up. DC & KB will be discussing this in the next few weeks..

PP. CoC membership is being discussed with a view to the BCP having representation and affiliation status without having to pay a membership fee.

Overheads PP we have put in a bid to HDC for £1,000 grant to help with overheads.

HDC charging for services to CPs. DC has written to HDC expressing concerns about HDC intentions to charge Community Partnerships for support and training. We have had a response indicating that this is no longer HDC’s intention and will not now happen.

Library rolling display PP Asking for input on information from organisations as the display boards are being refreshed.

Date of next meeting 30 March 2017. Meeting closed at 9.10 pm



Title Minutes 16 February 2017

Ref 105

Owner Denise Campbell

Author June Perks


Name Denise Campbell

Role Chair, Billingshurst Community Partnership Management Committee

Release Date

Signature………Denise Campbell Chairman………………………………………………….






18 February -

5 pages




Treasurer’s Report (AB)

    Singing for Pleasure CT Column Right
    Luncheon Club SD Column Right
    CLP Community Activity PP Column Right

Better pavements scheme

Column Right



Those present






Members Reports for BCP Meetings


AUTHOR Tony Burke


Since my last report there has been little financial activity apart from payment relating to maintenance of or website.

I attach my report on Billifest 16 which shows what I expect to be the final financial position although there are a couple of payments to be made. I expect a member of the committee may wish to comment on the figures.

Tony Burke






from 2014/15 Since last Year to date Since last Year to date Balance


£ £ £ £ £ £

610.52 0 0.00 610.52
BilliFest 2015
2,715.74 2,945.00 4,078.62 1,582.12
Community Led Plan
1,255.99 0.00 0.00 1,255.99
Education Youth Enterprise (EYE)
4,586.85 1,200.00 13,484.00 2,442.60 13,979.40 4,091.45
-320.00 498.70 498.70 -320.00
2,109.99 0.00 59.40 812.37 1,297.62
0.00 382.00 45.00 528.20 -146.20
Lunch Club
915.60 0.00 102.20 604.05 311.55
Piazza Italia
24.11 0.00 0.00 24.11
302.70 0.00 0.00 302.70
Village Regeneration
3609.71 0.00 500.00 3,109.71
Visitor Brochure
0 848.00 744.00 104.00
1119.85 0 186.00 1,119.85 0.00
4,655.01 0 753.00 3,902.01
5,903.74 0 551.65 5,352.09
Youth Council
3,011.10 0 0.00 3,011.10

30,500.91 1,200.00 18,157.70 2,835.20 24,169.84 24,488.77

NOTE 1 New Headings set up for IT and Visitors Brochure.

Bank No1 A/c 20,066.92

2 £498.70 transferred from Youth to Eqip etc to cover 1 Year storage costs.

Bank EYE 4,091.45

This amount is reflected in income/Ependiture for these projects.

Cash Lunch Club 16.53

Cash Lunch Club 313.87


AB 31-Jan-17

Billingshurst High Street


Singing for Pleasure
AUTHOR Carol Terry
MONTH February 2017

This singing group started in October 2015 for people who like to meet in an informal group to sing and make friends. It is particularly enjoyed by older people who are perhaps living alone, or who are living with some of the mental and physical difficulties that later life brings, or who just enjoy singing in a friendly group.

We have now been meeting once a month for more than a year. We have twice been asked to lead the singing with the Seniors Lunch Club and later this month a few of us we will be attending St. Mary's Guild meeting to show what we do, as some of their members are interested in possibly joining us. We are sometimes joined by members of the daycare group for people with dementia and learning difficulties.

Our singing group is going from strength to strength - we started with about 20 members and there were 45 at our last session, when we celebrated our first anniversary (somewhat belatedly) with a buffet tea party in the singing interval, which gave everyone a chance to mingle and chat and make new acquaintances, and was much enjoyed by all. We finished with a rousing rendition of "Thank you for the Music".

The dates for our meetings appear in the What's On Section of the Village Tweet. We always welcome new members. Everyone who comes along enjoys themselves and leaves with a spring in their step and a song in their heart!

Luncheon Club
AUTHOR Sandy Duck
MONTH February 2017

SOS – Plea for transport -
Our membership to the Seniors Lunch Club has now risen from 17 (2 years ago) to 38, which is brilliant, however, this has increased the number of Seniors we now transport on the mini bus currently 16, giving us a little challenge, as the maximum we can carry on each journey is 10 due to the various walking aids we need to transport at the same time.

As we go forward even if our numbers do not rise I am expecting the demand for the bus to increase as various members’ mobility decreases, and as a team this is something we need to seriously plan for with a solution of how this is to be managed.

How it all works currently;
Collecting our seniors does not pose a problem as they are all safely in their own homes awaiting their lift. We have to do trips and in order to get everyone to lunch by 12.30. , the bus needs to start off at 11.00am.

Our challenge is getting our seniors home. As previously mentioned we can only take maximum of 10 each trip. It means that 6 seniors will have to wait in the Centre for up to 45 minutes whilst the first trip takes place and they are collected for the 2nd trip.

Seniors Linh Club finishing time is 3.30p – this also means that one or 2 volunteers will need to wait with them until the bus come to collect them. This also means that the driver and Sue King the escort will not get home until sometimes after 5pm – Sue is particularly affected as she starts on the bus as escort at 11.00am she then stays with the seniors over lunch and for the afternoon activities often leading them – and then is escort on the bus to get them home. 6 hours of her time!!!

How you could possibly help with this challenge:
As the Seniors Lunch Club is a BCP project we are coming to you for help...
If we had a pool of volunteer drivers willing to pick up 2 seniors each and take them home at 3.30pm - you will be home by 4pm. It means that everyone will get home earlier.

You will need a 4 door car as able to take 2 people with easy access.  Tony Priestley helps on a regular basis when he is available which such a help. We have our own volunteers who can help now and then when they have their cars; however it is sometimes a little hit and miss.

Ideally a team of 4 drivers would be good, and we can form a rota, the more drivers we have the less often they will be called upon to help. If we don’t put something in place urgently we will start to lose some of our seniors due to them being unhappy with the length of time it is taking them to get home.

The next Lunch Club date is Monday 20th February, if anyone is able to help on that day please give me a call on 01403 786146 by Sunday evening. Many thanks Sandy.


The Even Better Pavements scheme is for the whole of the county.  It came out of a debate at a full Council meeting last year when concerns were raised about certain pavements that were hazardous for users.
I am sorry that you did not receive an adequate response from the Highways Department.  This project is led by County Councillors in that any residents, parish council, community partnership, can identify a pavement that they feel is perhaps unsafe to their councillor so it can be considered for maintenance /repair under this scheme.  It is for established pavements, not to construct new ones.  There is provision for a new pavement along Marringdean Road under S106 monies, but that will be in conjunction with the new development beyond Marringdean Acres.
I am currently in discussion with the three parishes in my division to see if there are any pavements that can be put forward.  Please let me know if there are any you feel should be considered.
It would also be helpful if there is photographic evidence to back up the application.


CLP Community Activity
MONTH Feb 2017

We have two markets for this year – Italian and Piazza Italia

The Italian market was held on Sunday the 12th Feb. Quite well attended considering the weather and it has given us £100 donation - this depends on the turnover of the day . I propose that this donation goes toward our day to day overhead costs. We did have a good article in the Tweet as per the attached. Along with our banners one would have thought there would have been more interest. It remains to be seen if it is worth our continuing this event given so small return to us. My thanks to those that helped on the day. We need to have a presence or easy contact just in case there is an incident requiring the emergency services. Also thanks to Whispers who waive any costs re the electrical supply for the day.

Piazza Italia 2nd April. This now well organised and Horsham have a dedicated website with the details of the Rural Towns who are participating and what their respective event is. We will have Hepworth’s joining us with their offering as well as a few songs from a local vocalist! The Italian market man will be around with goodies for the children. We are also organising a “local” gathering of classic/vintage cars to help the morning along. So if last year is anything to go on we should, weather permitting, have quite a crowd on the day.

I am also hoping to receive a hamper from our Italian market man and propose we raffle this to help with our general day to day overhead costs.

Horsham are also organising a “Themed Window Display” competition and our traders have been alerted to this. It’s up to them if they want to take advantage of the publicity this offers.

With the number of people, cars and so on expected we need at least 10 people to help on the day. I have eleven volunteers so far and need a couple more. We will arrange a briefing meeting nearer the day.

The attached article has been forwarded to the Tweet for the March edition.

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