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Thursday 30 March 2017


Helen Abbott



Management Committee

Carol Boniface


Age UK, Village Agent

In attendance

Keith Brown


Station Road Gardens

Management Committee

Tony Burke



Treasurer Director

Denise Campbell


Chair BCP


Owen Davies




Emma Fogg


Street Pastors


Alan Grant




John Griffin




Sonia Mangan



In attendance

Linda Nicholls




June Perks


Secretary to the Partnership

Management Committee

Patrick Perks



Management Committee

Carol Terry


Billingshurst Choral society

Management Committee

John Underwood






Minutes June Perks (JBP)

106.1 Welcome: DC Introduced Sonia Mangan and Carol Boniface. Sonia gave an outline of Age UK’s position in the locality, stressing that it is a local organisation dealing with the local community. Carol is the new Village Agent and will be attending meetings as and when she can. Declaration of Interest... No declarations of interest.

106.2 Apologies for absence Tony Priestley, Jane Cross, Ben Sheldon, Sandy Duck, Ken Johnson, John Jones, Martin Spurrier, Hazel Barnes, Carolyn Gibbs, Gillian Knight, Jane Cross.

106.3 Minutes of the meeting held on the 16 February were accepted as a true record. Prop: Ton Burke Sec Helen Abbott Unanimous

106.4 Matters Arising from the above minutes:

103.4.1 SPD still outstanding – awaiting signature Action DC

104.9.4 Inventory (storage of assets) still outstanding AB suggested that some assets, mainly electrical, were worthless and should be written off. We could not afford to pay for unnecessary storage. Action DC

105.7 Senior Citizens Luncheon Club awaiting further action from SD

105.9.4 Better Pavements CT still no reply from WSCC, in spite of 2 letters therefore another letter will be written this time on BCP headed paper.

105.9.13 CoC membership The BCP is now an affiliate with no membership fee.

105.9.14 Community Grant Bid for £1,000 PP/AB an invoice will be raised on Monday 3 April. A second bid has been made to the small grants fund.

106.5 Report from the Chair DC

LEADER bid funding. The closing date for the application is the 31 March and we will make the closing deadline. A decision will be made in June 2017. There are three phases – Way-finding posts, Maps and Brochures for development of tourism, Library Display Boards. The total grant we are asking for is £12,500. We have received £1500 funding from the CIF (Community Initiative Fund) to pay for planning permission for the posts and associated costs and printing of brochures.

TB pointed out that long-term funding for the web site and library display will be required. It was felt that space could be sold at a cost per frame and sponsorship sought.

DC pointed out that the new map will contain more illustrations which could be sold to advertisers. JU felt that most of our present brochures are being used by estate agents who could be approached. Action DC

103.6 Financial Report AB see attached reports plus a verbal report that by the 31 March the report/accounts will be updated to show £2,500.

106.7 Reports Received: EYE, BAIT, General Information, LEADER Project, Health & Safety, Scams, JAG, YES. LAG Email Richard Chalk

106.8 Questions on project reports.

  1. YE AG asked JG for clarification of item 4 in the report.
  2. eneral Information Horsham Food and Drinks Fair. It was felt that the CoC were the best people to approach the traders. Action DC
  3. AIT PP is still looking for someone to take over BAIT. AG showed interest in taking over.

106.9 AOB

1 EYE BCP has taken a page in the Billingshurst Show brochure and arranged for a stand.

2 Community Wardens. AG Since the PC have not taken up this suggestion, the money has been returned to the community via the precept.

4 Street Pastors EF gave a brief account of recent activity, stressing that Billingshurst is generally quiet. The Street Pastors are in contact with the Police to make them aware of their programme and they have telephone numbers to ring the Police if necessary.

5 SCAMS BOOKS are popular – 100 will be obtained by DC.

6 LARK IN THE PARK KB THE DATE IS CHANGED TO THE 16 JULY. It is hoped that the Family Church will share the venue on that day.

PP will change the information given originally. KB will send him another poster.

7 Parking AG read out a list of comments made by the PC regarding HDC’s new policy on parking. This included having “card only” machines, doubling up of names of car parks which were part of the scheme, varying lengths of time one can park in district car parks and the fact that payment for the clock requires a trip to Horsham to pay if one does not have a bank account or credit card plus a computer.

8 JU pointed out that The Business Development Plan is out of date on the web, it states 2011-2012. Action PP

106.10Date of next meeting 11 May 2017 (no meeting in April)

Meeting closed at 9.10 pm


Title Minutes 30 March 2017

Ref 106

Owner Denise Campbell

Author June Perks


Name Denise Campbell

Role Chair, Billingshurst Community Partnership Management Committee

Release Date

Signature………Denise Campbell Chairman………………………………………………….






31 March 2017

Section above


Library & Website 2 PP (Right hand column)



Treasurer’s Report/ 2 pages (AB) (Below)


EYE (Right hand column)


BAIT (Right hand column)



General Information (Right hand column)


LEADER Project/email from Richard Chalk (Right hand column)


Health & Safety (Below)






YES (Right hand column)


Those present






Author Tony Burke

Since my last report there has been little financial activity on General Projects apart from payment relating to maintenance of our website, room hire and planning fee linked to the Finger Sign Project.

£100 was received from the Market and £200 relating to the delivery of the CLP to new housing developments.

I am expecting more activity before the end of the month and will comment on this in my next report.

Tony Burke






from 2014/15 Since last Year to date Since last Year to date Balance


£ £ £ £ £ £

ARTS 610.52 0.00 0.00 610.52

BilliFest 2015 2,715.74 2,945.00 16.00 4,094.62 1,566.12

Tony: Community Led Plan 1,255.99 0.00 200.00 200.00 1,055.99

Education Youth Enterprise (EYE) 4,586.85 13,484.00 0.00 13,984.40 4,086.45

Equipment/Hire/Storage -320.00 498.70 0.00 498.70 -320.00

General 2,109.99 200.00 200.00 71.83 854.20 1,455.79

I T 0.00 382.00 90.00 663.20 -281.20

Lunch Club 915.60 0.00 52.00 656.05 259.55

Markets 0.00 100.00 100.00 0.00 0.00 100.00

Piazza Italia 24.11
0.00 0.00 0.00 24.11

Refreshments 302.70 0.00 0.00 0.00 302.70

Village Regeneration 3,609.71 0.00 0.00 787.50 2,822.21

Visitor Brochure 0.00 848.00 0.00 744.00 104.00

WISH 1,119.85 0.00 0.00 1,119.85 0.00

YES 4,655.01 0.00 132.00 885.00 3,770.01

Youth 5,903.74 0.00 0.00 551.65 5,352.09

Youth Council 3,011.10 0.00 0.00 0.00 3,011.10

Total 30,500.91 300.00 18,457.70 561.83 25,039.17 23,919.44

NOTE New Headings set up for IT and Visitors Brochure.

Bank No1 A/c 19,502.59

£498.70 transferred from Youth to Eqip etc to cover 1 Year storage costs.

Bank EYE 4,086.45

This amount is reflected in income/Ependiture for these projects.

Cash Lunch Club 16.53

Cash Lunch Club 313.87

Cash Misc 60.00

Total 23,979.44

AB 27-Mar-17



PROJECT Neighbouhood Plan - Health & Safety
AUTHOR Ken Johnson
MONTH March 2017

During our last Committee Meeting I referred to the number of “Health” comments centring on the local surgery. I referred to a small note in the surgery indicating that expansion plans were afoot. From responses I understood that the P.C. and Nigel/HDC had tried to make contact in a number of ways but with no response. As a result I asked to speak with the Practice Manager and yesterday we had a long phone conversation – too long to remember it all. I have also googled “Billingshurst Surgery” and their website has a letter providing outline details of the expansion programme.

In conversation some of the following comments were among those I can remember :-

1.       Patient parking was to be extended and a new roadway in developed through the housing development on what was the old allotments.
2.       Not only were all current facilities to be upgraded but nursing facilities were to be extended.
3.       Two extra Doctors were to be recruited with extended rooms for them to operate from.
4.       A range of medical treatments currently only available from a local hospital will be created “in house” and rooms provided to allow for these extra services.
5.       A lift will be available to get to the first floor.
6.       The waiting area and reception will be improved/extended.
7.       In discussion I was advised that any extension to the facilities would be done taking account of future further housing growth via an ability to extend further in the future.
8.       There was considerable comment on the area this surgery served. There was denial that the Broadbridge Heath growth was the cause of current pressures as they do not take EVERYONE from that area. That said the catchment area for the surgery does extend towards the edge of B. Heath and goes out to, but round, Southwater. I think there was an indication that this may change.
9.       The finance behind all this has been agreed; part NHS and part via a sales and leaseback agreement which should be completed by end April.
10.   Delays in getting this far are down to the ever changing structure of the NHS, including the loss of over a year as they submitted plans to one governing body, which was then closed down, whilst the replacement authority wanted the submission in an entirely different way with additional explanation.

The Practice Manager was very pleased to talk with me, was very open, and whilst it would not be good if we all phoned up if HDC or the P.C. indicated a wish to meet with him, I will be surprised if he refuses. He was very pleased with the progress they had made after all this time.

Scam Report Jan 2017
(CLP Community Safety Scams and Internet)
MONTH March 2017

Interconnected Devices

In monitoring what the Security organisations are talking about these days the question of the security of interconnected devices is starting to worry them and; as this technology starts to enter our homes so should we!

It’s not a joke, or some random scare tactic from the purveyors of “Firewalls” and “Virus protection software”, but a serious threat to any Network that has its devices interconnected so that they can be controlled over the internet or wirelessly. So if you are controlling your central heating, or lighting, from your mobile phone (the so called “Hive”) be careful!

For example a major company had their network compromised via their Deep Freezes that are controlled over the internet. A hacker gained access to the network via a “Fridge!” You had better believe it! A test run by one of the leading security companies even managed to break in to a home computer via a lighting control device (actually a smart light bulb – scary?)

Even hi-tech office doors that can be controlled wirelessly have been used as a potential route into computer files. Often these gadgets become the weak point of a computer network/device (your PC) allowing the hackers to break in. These days “everything” can be connected!

Hence as this interconnected technology starts to enter the everyday domain; the message is “make certain your countermeasures are up-to-date” and always download the latest revision. Most of the main players are now producing software code to counter these new threats and this is added to the patch/revision as a matter of routine.

Billingshurst High Street


Members Reports for BCP Meetings

Library and Website

MONTH March 2017

There has recently been a debate on the worth to us, and the associated costs, of maintaining our Web Site and the Library Display. The following is an overview of both of these and the associated costs.

Web Site

Our Website has been in existence now for over 10 years. We maintain this principally to inform on our BCP projects, local news and other items of general interest. Many of those grant providers from whom we seek financial assistance “insist”, as a condition of grant, that we have a website and keep it maintained and up to date. We also know from monitoring the use of the site, that we have some 2000 to 3000 “visits” viewing the web in any one month plus other “visits” from what are called “Crawlers” or random seeking and these add to the usage statistics giving some 30,000 views per year.

We also post your respective organisation’s information that it has asked to be put in the public domain as well as more general information on the locality, tourist information general items of interest and so on. BCP minutes and Projects (EYE for example) are also posted and hence in the public domain.

We are often complimented on the content of our site and many times have queries and questions from far and wide. For example the most recent is from the Canadian Tourist Board asking us to send them more information on Billingshurst and its environs. We sent then our Visitor Guide and “Hidden Foot Paths”.

To keep this site maintained we work with a so called “Web Master” who does the work of design, posting and narratives; as requested by me passing on to him those inputs you give or those issues I feel need to go into the public domain. This costs us c£600 per year including the site name (Community.Billingshurst).

Library Display

The Library Display is a more recent addition and is part of the “Information Desk” that we maintain in the library, essentially for tourist information (here we put our flyers and brochures) and any other documents that are of general interest such as hard copies of the CLP. The idea of an information point arose from funded work we carried out with regard to Tourism and Visitors and the original idea was to locate this in the entrance to the Community Centre. However the PC objected and hence we approached the County Library Service and the rest is history.

Again, as with the Web Site, we have had many compliments on the information displayed and the “Rolling Display” and to gauge the usefulness of the project the there is a constant turnover of flyers and brochures.


To date the costs associated with the “hard” information, flyers and brochures for example have been via grants. The costs associated with the rolling display we have taken into our overheads with some contributions from one or two organisations and a grant for the CLP information. Overall the display costs some £500 per year. The cost to us is £12 per frame hence some 40 frames or an update of a display of 10 frames updated 4 times per year. We try to make each update a topical issue such as the CLP or a specific organisation’s offering, some local interest or other information that needs to be in the public domain.

The one problem we face is updating easily and quickly so that, for example, posting information on a dated event such as Billifest, the Summer Show or some Drama and Choral evening can be posted and then removed. We can’t do that as we cannot interface to the internet and hence edit from afar. We have to physically update on site. This is because the Library Service will not allow us to interface to their network for security reasons. To install our own link would require a BT line and associated costs. That can be done assuming we could find the initial funding and then the ongoing line rental. However we too would also need to protect our interface with those associated costs and efforts in terms of “Counter Measures” (Fire Wall and Anti-Virus protection)

Where do we go from here to cover our costs of both the Web and Library?

To be realistic, whilst sad, we cannot continue to maintain these two items as a free service to the Community and hence must try to find a way to cover the costs.

Therefore shortly there will be a request to the community organisations to pay some nominal amount in the future should they wish to have their information, of whatever content, posted on either the web or library display.

I recently asked for information re the Library display and many of you responded. I have posted on our Web Site an example of a rolling display as to what can be displayed for them. We will also shortly update the CLP information as to the progress on the various responsibilities. This cost will be covered by the grant funds we have in hand.

For the more general information we will continue to do that as a service but these costs will have to be part of our general overhead costs.

MONTH March 2017

I am pleased to report that we have moved forward on several fronts.

1. We have gained a change of use agreement from the Weald School / Governors that the Myrtle Lane site – which is on the school campus – can be converted from educational use to community use. This now with DfE for their sign-off.
2. We have finally obtained the S106 document which formalises planning permission whereby HDC and WSCC agree to the use of the site by the EYE project over land owned respectively by these authorities.
3. The EYE Core Team recently had a high-level meeting with the Cabinet Member for Finance and other senior officers and members at WSCC to discuss the Business Plan and other aspects regarding the viability and sustainability of the project prior to WSCC agreeing a lease on the land. The outcome was that WSCC have agreed to a long-term lease subject in principle to certain terms and conditions, none of which are particularly onerous, but which are required for their ‘due diligence’. They will send a ‘heads of terms’ document with these conditions outlined in the next few weeks subject to the restrictions and timing of ‘purdah’ prior to the May elections.
4. We have been successful in our application for CIO status and the EYE project is now officially a Charitable Independent Organisation under the auspices of the BCP.
5. We are in the process of sending out invitations to tender to a number of contractors who are interested in erecting the EYE building. This complex process should be complete by July when a preferred contractor will be selected.
6. We are now in a position to make representations to the various fund providers and we are putting together the necessary papers.
7. Now we have some positive news to tell we shall be cranking up our PR programme to gain maximum exposure for the EYE project and will also be taking a stand at the Billingshurst show with display boards.
8. We are now in a position to invite wider input from stakeholders and other interested parties to sit on an EYE Project committee and, once we have the WSCC lease buttoned down, this committee can get down to some of the more detailed issues regarding fixtures and fittings; daytime usage; youth events; membership and entry fees; management and volunteering; Board of Trustees; and other such tasks.

Anyone with relevant skills (or just enthusiasm) will be welcome to join this exciting phase of the Project.

CLP Community Safety Scams and Internet BAIT
MONTH March 2017

At the Rural Towns meeting this month Pulborough reported as follows:

“Local Action Team/Good Neighbour Scheme”

We (Pulborough) have Village Wardens and believe that the original purpose of the LAT is now passed but HDC and AiRS are trying to start a “Good Neighbour Scheme” which is meant to provide a single point of contact for all Pulborough activities and a helpline for those in need in the community with the purpose of trying to meet those needs from within the community. PCP will take this forward.”

I ask if we, as BCP, should approach Horsham, and AiRS, to explore if the proposed “Good Neighbour Scheme” is a project we could consider as part of our BAIT deliverables?


Whilst on the subject of BAIT! I was instrumental in starting BAIT some years ago and have, over the years, acted as its Chairman and organiser. (Paul Berry also acted as its lead for a couple of years). I need to start to hand over some of my responsibilities and would ask if someone would consider taking the lead on this one from me. I would work with whomever for a while so as to ensure continuity.

BAIT is key to our interfacing with the Police as well as our, BCP, responsibilities within the CLP.

General info

MONTH March 2017


HDC Economic Development Team Report to Horsham Rural Towns Forum, March 2017

Visitor Economy

Acorn Tourism Consultants Ltd has been appointed to carry out the development of the Visitor Economy Strategy. 6 Town Meetings have been requested. Parish Councils have been asked to co-ordinate these meetings (in April). Horsham Town Centre meeting will need to be co-ordinated by several groups. There will be 1 to 1 meetings held with around 30 Horsham based Visitor Economy Businesses as well as strategic partners such as the South Downs National Park and West Sussex County Council. Following this there will be an online survey for businesses and in the summer, a resident’s survey.

The meeting for Billingshurst is on Wednesday the 5th April from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm. We need a presence at this meeting as Visitor and Tourism is ours under the CLP. The Parish Clerk Greg Burt is asking who from BCP would be attending. So needs a volunteer.

The LEAP programme (Local Enterprise Apprenticeship Platform) is closed. 45 businesses benefitted and 6 new apprenticeships supported. There will be an evaluation event on 16th May where all successful businesses will be invited to attend and meet Cllr Gordon Lindsay and Tom Crowley.

LEAP For our information – Not sure if any Billingshurst Business was successful or even if we had a candidate! The overall funding was £500k

Horsham District Food and Drink Festival

2 September to 1 October 2017 – Looking for support from local partners to engage with / encourage businesses to take part in Festival Guide and if possible for each Market Town to hold a Food and Drink Festival event. A small amount of funding will be available to support things such as publicity costs (printing etc.)

We should watch this one as there will be some £200 available so we could organise something at that time.

FROM RICHARD CHALK, Leader Grants Manager,
Community and Economic Development, West Sussex County Council

Dear Central Sussex LAG members

After discussion with the Chairman and Vice Chairman, I have decided to cancel the Central Sussex LAG meeting scheduled for Monday 13 March. I apologise for any inconvenience this will cause.

When we set the meeting date it was on the assumption that the main item of business would be consideration of the draft delivery plan and budget profile for 2017/18. However, the Rural Payments Agency is currently finalising the new delivery plan template and guidance and has invited Programme Managers and Chairs to a briefing session later this month. Consequently they have put back the timetable for agreeing delivery plans, with approval by LAGs probably not required until May/June. We may be able to do this using written procedures.

I am expecting four full applications but, as they have not yet been submitted, they wouldn’t be ready for decision next week. The applications are:
Billingshurst Community Partnership - applying for around £10,000 to improve visitor information around the town.
Knepp Castle Home Farm - applying for around £38,000 for a new wild swimming pond and improved access to their camping and “safaris” site.
Scrase Farm - applying for around £50,000 for machinery and building works to facilitate packaging of small bale haylage.
Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre - applying for around £21,000 for new equipment for the café, information boards and to develop an app for visitors.
Unfortunately Halcombe Farm withdrew their application for a farm shop at Lower Hoddern.

I will circulate a more detailed progress update and the latest LEADER news in the next couple of weeks.

I’m pleased to report that the level of enquiries has increased – please do continue to promote the scheme and encourage potential applicants to contact us. All our funds must be committed by March 2019, which means the latest date for new applications will be at the end of next year - 2018.

The next scheduled Central Sussex LAG meeting will be 7 June 2-4pm, venue to be confirmed. 

For those of you who are also members of the Sussex Downs & Coastal Plain LAG – please note their meeting will be going ahead on 12 March as we have at least one project for decision.

AUTHOR Denise Campbell
MONTH March 2017

After several months of deliberation, Keith Brown and I have decided to suspend the YES project for the time being with effect from end of March 2017

Our reasons for doing this are largely based around us not being able to identify suitable young people for the project. Previously, we engaged with and recruited young people (14 – 16 yr olds) through the TAG youth group. Since that group was stopped in July 2014, it has been increasingly difficult to target the types of young people this project was initially set-up to help.

More recently, we have regularly attended the youth sessions at Jubilee Fields but the numbers that attend this group have been low which has made it difficult to identify anyone with a particular need. Requests from the Community Youth worker have also failed to identify anyone suitable.

Additionally the lack of a suitable venue to meet in to run the twice monthly sessions has been a problem. Lately, we have resorted to a couple of chairs in the corridor outside the ladies loos at the Billingshurst Centre! This is hardly conducive to encouraging young people to talk openly and express any concerns they may have.

We are hopeful that when the EYE building is established, we will once again be able to re-start this valuable project that increases self-confidence, self-reliance and self- esteem in young people

Since 2008 when we started the project, 78 young people have benefitted from YES. Many have gone onto week end and holiday employment in the establishments they were placed.