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May 2017 Minutes

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Thursday 11 May 2017


Helen Abbott HA Individual Management Committee
Gordon Braun GB Station Road LATS Member
Tony Burke TB BCP Treasurer Director
Denise Campbell DC Chair BCP Director
Jane Cross JC Individual Management Committee
John Griffin JG BCP Director
Gillian Knight GK History Society Director
June Perks JBP Secretary to the Partnership Management Committee
Patrick Perks PP Individual Management Committee
Tony Priestley TP Scouts & Guides Management Committee
Kate Rowbottom KR HDC Affiliate
Carol Terry CT Billingshurst Choral Society Management Committee


Minutes June Perks (JBP)

107.1 Welcome: Declaration of Interest... No declarations of interest.

107.2 Apologies for absence, Ben Sheldon, Sandy Duck, Ken Johnson, John Jones, Martin Spurrier, Hazel Barnes, , Gillian Knight, Owen Davies, Emma Fogg, Carol Boniface, Alan Grant, John Underwood, Keith Brown.

107.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 30 March 2017 were accepted.

Prop: Ton Burke Sec Helen Abbott Unanimous

107.4 Matters Arising from the above minutes:

103.4.1 SPD will be signed by HDC, BCP, CoC and the PC at the next six-monthly meeting – date TBA. Action DC

104.9.4 Inventory (& storage of assets) DC has scrutinised the assets with a view to pruning those not needed/broken/outdated and asked those who hold equipment to wait until she has assessed the space in the lockup. The road signs are with Peter Hooper, Rotarian. TP suggested that some of the electrical equipment could be sold. Barry Barnes will be consulted. Much of the equipment (currently stored by him) would not be needed if Billifest stays in the High Street.

105.7 Senior Citizens Luncheon Club JBP reported SD’s response that the proposed rota for drivers was held in abeyance due to pressure of work.

105.9.4 Better Pavements CT It transpired that the initial letter sent by her did not reach the intended recipient. CT has promised Chris Stark, (Area Highways and Transport, WSCC,) a copy of the pavement survey which he was unaware of. CT will highlight the areas that are especially unsafe and need attention

106.9.6 Lark in the Park JC reported that everything is ready with lots of entertainment and a new poster with full details is about to be produced.

107.5 Report from the Chair DC

1 LEADER bid funding. The bid was submitted on time. We now await the result of the panel which meets in June.

2 SCAM books will be delivered to CT and if there are any over, they will be left in the Library.

3 PP reported that Community Grant the bid for £1,000 from Horsham and £1,000 from County (over 2 years) were successful. There was some confusion because the specified purpose for which he had applied for the grant was not originally recognised under the general heading of “overheads” in the document from Melanie Stowell. PP said that it was his understanding that all the money would be used for the website and library display boards. DC said that whilst she understood that some of the money would be used for this purpose, it was not all of it. DC and PP to discuss outside the meeting and report back at next meeting.

TB requested a copy of the grant applications.

4 Letter to Website Users DC has drafted a letter for clubs and organisations using our website and library display boards explaining the need to start charging a nominal amount for this service (copy attached).DC and JP to consolidate the data base of those it should be sent to. (preferably by email to save costs)

PP confirmed that the Library display had been updated that day. TB will inform the Bowling Club.

5 As part of HDC Tourism & Visitor Economy Strategy development there will be a workshop on the 20th June at the BCCC from 10am – 12pm. All are welcome.

6 There is a volunteer vacancy to assist the police as an independent member of the Misconduct Hearing Panel. This is a 4-year term. Applications by 15 May. The document giving full details is with JBP.

7 Food and Drink Fair – HDC. Some retailers are positive about joining in (Baker, Butcher, Brewery). DC is having an initial meeting on 24 May to discuss what support HDC can give our local retailers. DC suggested that as the CoC is aimed at our professional community, perhaps we should give consideration to the formation of a Retail Association. Involving retailers in HDC Food & Drink Fair might be the first stage in this process

8 JAG Meeting was attended by DC where she was informed that there were 2 un-used SIDs available, although their location was not known. She has asked acting Chief Inspector Steve Chalcraft to try and locate them and bring them to the next BAIT meeting. Paul Berry is trying to organise a “speed watch” and PP reported that Paul Berry hopes to be at the BAIT meeting to be held on the 25 May at the Fire Station, at 3.30 pm. Anyone interested is invited. Walking routes to school will be discussed. DC has learned from the JAG meeting that Lisa Mills, Fraud Victim Support is available to meet with any community group that has concerns about any safety or security issues .

Financial Report AB see attached report.

107.7 Reports Received:

Wednesday Group – Hazel Barnes’ report was read to the meeting. (Attached)

Age UK Carol Boniface’s report was read to the meeting. (Attached)

107.8 Questions on project reports. None

107.9 Main Report – PROJECT EYE JG ( attached)

107.10 AOB

  1. Notice Board, CT outlined the Billingshurst Choir’s wish to put up a poster on the noticeboard situated at the Hillands roundabout. Whilst there was no objection, some queries arose because there are rules regarding the size of print etc. Because there is currently no information on it and it was unsightly, it was agreed that TB should produce a wooden sign announcing Billingshurst welcomes visitors and was open for business. The information would be screwed on to avoid vandalism.
  1. Singalong CT For anyone who likes singing this will be held on the 13 May at The BVH tickets were available at a cost of £10, to include supper.
  1. History Society GK requested support for Judith Whittaker seeking venues to put on James J Turner events for free. The History Society had donated £25. Contact for further information or ideas for venues.

  2. Date and day of the AGM – it was agreed that Friday evening was preferable and that the 15 September was favourite. However, if there should be a problem booking the village hall, the 16 would also be acceptable.

107.11 Date of next meeting 15 June 2017

Meeting closed at 9.10 pm



Title Minutes 11 May 2017

Ref 107

Owner Denise Campbell

Author June Perks


Name Denise Campbell

Role Chair, Billingshurst Community Partnership Management Committee

Release Date

Signature………Denise Campbell Chairman………………………………………………….






15 May



24 May


Treasurer’s Report AB

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  Wednesday Group HB Right Column


Village Agent, Age UK CB Right Column
  Sussex Police Vacancy Details



Those present








AUTHOR John Griffin

MONTH May 2017


This report is a summary from the presentation notes of 11 May when a full update from start to the present day was given by JG in collaboration with PP. With the exception of FINANCE onwards, all is in chronological order. Over a time span of 8 years.

Selection of the site, preferred Station Road, but inherent problems to be overcome. To be sited on WSCC land adjacent to the school.

Feasibility Studies – appointment of an architect, viability of the site.

Access – landlocked and vehicular access was established.

Legal Representation, appointment of solicitors – to oversee all legal agreements.

Planning Consent –22 conditions were imposed. Final legal agreement regarding access finalised 27 April 2017. Planning Permission can now be granted.

Business Plan (Professionally produced – copies circulated).

Lease – enter into with WSCC, “conditional Agreement to Lease”. Approval required from Weald Governors for the site to be used and from DfE for a change of use from school to community use.

Tendering Process Three contractors approached – Sunninghill, Alan Farrow and Stonehouse.


Finance 106 promised £190,000, need to find Grant Providers and PP and I will be preparing our case at the appropriate stage – that is when the lease agreement and the contractor are in place.


Construction Phase – Piers Hunter, Quantity Surveyor has been appointed, to manage the project alongside our architect. A timetable will be agreed. Building Phase envisaged as 2018.


Functionality at this point Trustees will be required and a management organisation set up to run the facility. We envisage an EYE committee consisting of the core team plus an HDC Councillor, Parish Councillor, Youth Worker, Youth Representatives, Finance Control by Russel Harvey (a parent).




Sub-optimal site compared to our preferred site (station Road) but inherent problems needed to be overcome. Gas Main and Access.


We appointed an architect and he supervised this phase. Viability of the site was key but all the usual studies were undertaken such as topography, geological, contamination, gas main siting, restrictive covenants, environmental impact statement (slow worms, bats, great crested newts etc.)


Site was landlocked and a vehicular access was established through the Myrtle Lane car park courtesy of HDC. A formal access agreement will be drawn up once we have finalised the lease with WSCC.


A firm of solicitors has been appointed to oversee all the legal documentation regarding Planning, Access and Lease Agreements.


There were 22 conditions imposed - mostly by Highways – which ranged from emergency services provision, refuse collection arrangements through to safety concerns and parking. Until these were satisfied – even though outline planning consent has already been given – we could not proceed until the S106 provision was met. This required a formal legal agreement regarding access between EYE, HDC and WSCC. This was finalised on 27th April. (Read letter). Only now can Planning Permission be granted to allow the actual building.


In order to complete move through these various stages we needed to satisfy various stakeholders both in HDC and WSCC that we had a viable Business Plan. (Show copy). This was professionally produced by Tony Priestley’s daughter at very fair family rates. There will still be questions around funding and financial sustainability which can only be answered as we progress along the timetable continuum.


An example of this will be the ‘conditional’ Agreement to Lease that we shall enter into with WSCC. They shall want further reassurance that the monies will be available to construct the facility as well as having a robust revenue programme to maintain the functionality of the EYE facility. The lease agreement has also required the approval of Weald Governors for the site to be used as well as a sign off from the DfE for a change of use from school to community use.


We have three contractors interested in quoting for the work: Sunninghill, Alan Farrow and Stone house. Once we have the quotes we shall decide a preferred contractor.


We already have S106 promised to the tune of £190,000 and we shall need a further £700,000 - £850,000 from Grant Providers. PP and I shall be preparing our case for these monies at the appropriate stage - once we have the lease agreement and contractor in place.


We shall appoint a Quantity Surveyor (Piers Hunter) to project manage alongside our architect and agree a timetable. Realistically, we do not envisage the building phase until early 2018.


At this point we shall have to have appointed our Trustees and set up a management organisation to run the facility. This will also involve the creation of volunteer workers drawn from users of the facility and parents. Up until now the work has mainly been carried out by the Core Team (Patrick, Tony, Denise and myself) with occasional approvals going before Partnership Directors. However, we are now at the stage where we need to involve a broader group of interested people. We envisage an EYE committee consisting of the Core Team, plus an HDC Cllr / Parish Cllr / Youth Worker (Ben Sheldon) / Youth Reps / Finance Control (Russell Harvey – parent) / Jane Cross.

Meantime, the Core Team will keep the various plates spinning whilst putting out any fires!!

Billingshurst High Street


Treasurer's Report

Author Tony Burke


I am currently working on the annual accounts for last year and because I have yet to finalise the b/f figures with the accountant I have not produced my report in the usual table form.

Since my last report there has been little financial activity on General Projects apart from payments relating to maintenance of our website room and vouchers for the YES project..

On the EYE Project we have paid legal fees connected to the S106 for site and received a further payment (£3,435) of S106 grant.

Tony Burke

10 May 2017

PROJECT: Wednesday Group

AUTHOR Hazel Barnes

MONTH May 2017

Billingshurst Wednesday Group meets in St Mary’s Room during the winter and spring for two ten week terms, with a wide variety of speakers providing interesting and stimulating talks. During the summer the opportunity to meet up “out and about” for outings and get-togethers takes place.

During the course of the last two terms, the group has averaged 54 people each week and over the last four years has donated over £3000 to charity or good causes, including two donations to help fund the Village Agent. A cheque has just been written for £1,000 towards the provision of a defibrillator that will be accessible from both St Mary’s Room & the church.

There is not formal membership, all are welcome to come along, paying £3.00 per morning. We help by subsidising some of our older members who use the Community Transport because getting to the meetings has become difficult. The talks start at 10.00 am and are followed by refreshments at 11.00.

I hope this will be of interest & informative - Hazel

PROJECT Village Agent, Age UK

AUTHOR Carol Boniface


I’ve nearly completed all necessary training relevant to the village agent role and hope to be spending much more time within the community. This will include attending the Billingshurst Show on 25th June. I am in the process of dealing with 3 referrals for older people for support. We recently held a Take Five event in Lavinia House around scams which was very well attended with a few residents from Billingshurst there and I’m also attended the Over 65s club with Sandy on 8th May to give a scam talk alongside Patrick.