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Banks Sails

Ken Johnson – Always cheerful. Always delivered.

Ken Johnson, who died suddenly in July, was a rare human being.

Ever smiling, Ken was a doer and one who shunned personal agendas and historic baggage in favour of what was best for our community. With an avuncular twinkle in his eye, his style was simply to get the job done.

Ken’s infectious chuckle was his hallmark. He had opinions and expressed them unambiguously but was blessed with the grace to listen to others and to take counter views on board.

Non-effective meetings irritated the retired banker. You needed to watch out when he started to rock back and forth on his chair when he’d had enough of the waffle before bringing the assembled company sharply back to the point in question.

He welcomed onto committees that he chaired those who delivered results with few meetings and with little blather. The revitalisation of BilliFest, for example, now an overwhelming success, was brought back to life through Ken’s delegated group of worker bees who met infrequently but who responded to his leadership.

Ken did not seek glory, but his track record shows a ubiquitous dedication to Billingshurst affairs over 30 years.

He was a founding member of the Billingshurst Community Partnership (BCP), he drafted its constitution and was its Company Secretary. His financial background was a great asset. As a key member of the team that earlier restructured the (then) Village Hall, now the Community Centre, he helped transform it into the viable asset we enjoy today. For this, Ken was running the financial engine room.

Within the Billingshurst Community Partnership, he focused on ‘The Economy’. He drafted chunks of the Billingshurst Community Action Plan and the more recent Community-led Plan. Likewise, the current Neighbourhood Plan. In the early 2000s, he was one of the Founding Fathers of the Billingshurst Chamber of Commerce and helped guide it through to its current independence and remarkable success.

Ken was doggedly committed to rallying the retail sector. The Community Shop was an example of how Ken and the Billingshurst Community Partnership developed a project to benefit small arts and crafts traders with a cost-effective opportunity to get their businesses off the ground.

But perhaps Ken was most present in his high-viz jacket at the Lions Bookshop in Jengers Mead. Here, he could also see the comings and goings of the infamous car park and was instrumental in much of the improvement we see there since clamping was banned. He too was involved in that lobby, as he was in the ongoing parking strategy with the Horsham District Council and the community’s long-range development strategy, the Supplementary Planning Document.

One of Ken’s most visible legacies will be the gleaming new community bus. Weekly, Ken could be seen driving senior residents in the old Community Transport vehicle but so effective was his lobbying for this invaluable service that Billingshurst was awarded a brand new 12-seater via an EU grant administered by the Central Government Transport association. Just another job delivered.

Banker/family man/community worker, Ken Johnson was big hearted, convivial, and gave trusted and sage counsel. Billingshurst benefitted in countless ways from his low profile hard work that delivered real results. He was an example to us all of how to go about contributing to our community.

His funeral was held on Monday 23rd July. Our heart-felt condolences go to Jean and their family. Ken is sorely missed by his friends and colleagues, and Billingshurst has lost one of its most dedicated and unassuming servants.

Scholarships at the Weald Sixth Form Collage

The Billingshurst Community Partnership works with our Young People in the Community via many initiatives. We have a close relationship with the Weald School and the accompanying Scholarship brochure is one example of how one can help. We would all agree that education is important for our children’s future and The Weald School, as rated by Ofsted as “Outstanding”, is key to that process.

However in achieving the best outcome for post- 16 Study, and beyond, it is not just a case of working toward good results in those subjects that the students require to obtain an Apprenticeship or a place at UNI, but also having opportunities beyond the classroom. The Weald has an excellent Sixth Form College that nurtures academic performance and is always looking to improve this.

The initiative of introducing Scholarships is to help our outstanding students with financing the not inconsiderate costs that they have to cover. This includes the provision of technological devices, extra curriculum visits, research away from home to mention a few. This is a challenge particulary to those low-income families.

You will find further details of the initiative here >>

So can you help us? If you are interested in offering a Scholarship or know of a Business, or Individual, that would help please contact us via the “Contact Us” link on this website. We will then arrange for you to talk to those Senior Staff and the Link Governor who are managing this initiative.

Link Governor for Scholarships at the Weald School Billingshurst.


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Promoting pavement protocol

Have you recently received a postcard reminding you to cut your garden hedge? Children from WAKOOS after-school club in Billingshurst recently designed postcards to remind residents of the importance of cutting back their hedges to allow full pavement access to pedestrians, pushchairs and wheelchair users.

Volunteers from Billingshurst Community Partnership delivered the postcards where they saw hedges growing over pavements as they felt many residents may not be aware that their front hedge was presenting a danger to pedestrians, who had to step out into the road to pass. In some areas where hedges are overgrown, parents are not always able to walk safely holding the hand of a younger child, and wheelchair users find some of the pavements very difficult or impossible to negotiate.

Pavement protocol | Billingshurst Community

Some residents may feel worried abou cutting back a mature hedge into what appears to be dead wood but don’t worry. Gardening experts say that the vast majority of hedges, e.g. privet, beech, hazel, holly, pyracantha and laurel, will regenerate very quickly. The exception to this is Leylandii, which needs to be kept trimmed from the planting stage to ensure continuous bushy growth.

Pavement protocol | Billingshurst Community

Now is the ideal time to get on with this very important job, as the days are getting longer and birds are not yet starting to nest. So if you have received one of our colourful postcards - or even if you haven’t - now is the time to inspect your hedge and make sure it is cut right back to the original boundary of your garden. The walkers of Billingshurst will be very grateful to you!”


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