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Billlingshurst today and tomorrow                           

Community-led Plan 2015-2020

“Of the Projects set out on this plan the Partnership are responsible for those projects of “Youth” “Safety in the Community” and “Health and Well Being”

Any questions related to these projects should be referred to the Partnership via the link on these pages.”


llustrated by the young people of Billingshurst and its surrounding areas

The Seven Key Topics 

Billingshurst today and tomorrow                                  

Community-led Plan 2015-2020        


Introducing Billingshurst’s Community-led Plan 2015- 2020 Following
The Action Plan

TOPIC 1          ECONOMY   
Page  4    Our objective is to plan and grow a sustainable, progressive and prosperous economy with an attractive and vibrant community at its heart.                         

Page  5   Our objective is to ensure efficient mobility into, out of, and around Billingshurst and surrounding areas to underpin social and economic progress.                                                                                                                                          
Page  6  Our objective is to ensure that our Senior Citizens can play a full and fulfilling role   in the community through the enjoyment of inclusion, activities, access and good mobility services.

TOPIC 4          YOUTH 

Page  7  Our objective is to involve young people to make Billingshurst an exciting place to live and work.

Page  8  Our objective is to nurture the rural character and setting of Billingshurst and  surrounding areas whilst planning  for and meeting the needs of a modern, inclusive society.

TOPIC 6         COMMUNITY SAFETY                            
Page 10 Our objective is to ensure that people of all ages can live and move about Billingshurst village and  its rural areas easily and safely.

Page 11   Our objective is to encourage the wellbeing of all Billingshurst residents through having the right quantity and quality of recreational and health services and facilities, and access to them.


Our Visual Theme:                                                           
‘Billingshurst Today and Tomorrow’                                    
Young people are the future of Billingshurst, and the theme is illustrated in our Plan by many of our young people.  We asked them to express the seven main Topics in their own way and to convey, in pictures, aspects of life in our village and its surrounding areas as they see them.  

For details and copies of the Plan, please see Page 12. 

Introducing Billingshurst’s
Community-led Plan 2015-2020

The changing world in which we live creates countless opportunities for all of us in and around Billingshurst.    That is, of course, if we want them and if we seize them!
For this reason, we must all know what it is that we do want for our village, today and for the future. To do this, we must have a ‘Vision’ for Billingshurst, ‘Objectives’ to help us get there, and a clear ‘Action Plan’ setting out the tasks that must be undertaken.
That is exactly what this booklet is about.

Why is this Plan ‘Community-led’                                     
Some great things have been achieved in Billingshurst. Again, it is up to us to ensure that this continues
In the prevailing economic climate of less money and growing needs, we can still make amazing things happen.  We can do it much more effectively together as a community than we can individually.
This Community-led Plan gives us strength locally because it truly represents residents’ views. It gives us a real say more broadly with those who can influence our future within our District and County Councils, and other national bodies.

Our vision for Billingshurst is that of a thriving community with our residents, young and old, proud of our village and rightly celebrating our surroundings, our achievements and our future.

Taking the right road - together

As we roll out our Community-led Plan, we stand at a crossroads that is full of potential, unique to Billingshurst.
Physically, we are at the intersection of the famous A272 and the Roman A29. We are on the main train line to London, we are near Gatwick, and we have the full range of schools from nursery to 'A' level - and an historic High Street. That’s why people want to live here.
As a gathering of people, we are also at a crossroads in our development as a community, and this Community-led Plan will unlock an exciting future for us.
Our Plan is not a ‘one day wonder’.  It must certainly not gather dust on the shelf and what we have embarked upon must continue. That’s why we must all keep asking questions, listening, thinking, planning, and delivering now and in the future.

We must take the right path to unlock the potential opportunities that are unique to Billingshurst.

No one must be in the dark or in doubt 
Open and proactive communication gives this Plan greater strength. 
Facts and visible actions reduce hearsay, gossip and misperceptions. We will use every possible communication channel available to us so that everyone can be informed and be included, and ‘feel’ included. They will also know who to ask if in doubt.
Together, as a community, we can achieve what we set out to achieve - if we want to - and we can celebrate our village today and future generations can celebrate tomorrow.
Thank you for your support, and we ask you in the same breath to help work towards our success as a village and surrounding areas in any and every way you can.

Communication with Residents and Public Engagement

Our Communication objective is to establish and maintain positive dialogue with all residents of Billingshurst and surrounding areas and those who can, may, or do have a direct influence on the Billingshurst community.

Transparent and Available

It is essential that residents know about the existence of this Plan, where and how to find it, and how to liaise with the Drafting Team and those carrying out the Topic Action Plan schedules.

Residents also need to know that every contribution made by every individual in the research and consultation period was recorded and considered. Our sources of information included BilliBiz-The Show, Billifest, Community Mapping (green/red dots selection process), the Billingshurst Show, local organisations, clubs, schools, and postcards in the Parish Council newsletter. It was circulated in draft to the full memberships and constituents of the drafting organizations.

After the completion of the draft Plan, it was again presented to the public in the Billingshurst Show before publication and adoption.

All the original material is available by arrangement with the Parish Office, details of which are at the back of this document.

For copies of the Plan, and for contact details, please see back page

The Community–led Plan Team

As many sections of the community as possible were involved in the research and creation of this Plan. Those directly responsible for collating and editing the Topic Action Plan schedules were:

Billingshurst Parish Council:
Garry Commins, Alan Grant, David Hart,
Lesley Wilding, Beverley Bell (Clerk).
Billingshurst Community Partnership:
Tony Burke, Denise Campbell, Ken Johnson,
Patrick Perks, Owen Davies.
Billingshurst Chamber of Commerce:
Martin Spurrier.
Rowena Tyler for Action in Rural Sussex.




Notes, Glossary, Terms and Abbreviations

Please note that in the following Action Plan schedules, the following terms and abbreviations are used:

Note 1.

‘WITH’ column:
Please also note that one of the three organizations involved in drafting the Plan will be responsible for taking each of the Tasks forward.

The ‘With’ column in the schedules indicates with which other body or bodies we shall work and, in certain cases, the organization that has already agreed to lead the Task.


Note 2.

‘WHEN’ column: Short: 1-2 years. Medium: 3-4 years. Long:5+ years.

HDC: Horsham District Council. WSCC: West Sussex County Council.

The illustrations

The young people of Billingshurst are our future and we wanted them to be involved in this Plan now and as it rolls out. All of the pictures in it have been specially drawn by the children of Billingshurst Primary School and other young local people. They were asked to express their interpretation of the seven Topics and we thank them sincerely.