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January 2018 Minutes

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Thursday 15 February 2018 at 7.30 pm #88B1DB


Helen Abbott


Billingshurst & District Rotary Club

Management Committee

Hazel Barnes


Billingshurst Wednesday Group

Management Committee

Keith Brown


Station Rd/Gardens


Tony Burke


BCP Treasurer


Denise Campbell




Jane Cross



Management Committee

Owen Davies



Management Committee

Sandy Duck


Seniors Luncheon Club

Management Committee

Ken Johnson


Billingshurst Lions Company Secretary


John Griffin


Member for the EYE Project


Gillian Knight


Vice Chairman Representing History Society


June Perks


Secretary to the Partnership

Management Committee

Patrick Perks



Management Committee

Tony Priestley


Scouts & Guides

Management Committee

Kate Rowbottom




Brian Spicer




John Underwood



Management Committee


Minutes June Perks (JBP)

112.1 Welcome to all including 2 members of The Bowls Club in attendance.. Declarations of Interest. There were no declarations of interest.

112.2 Apologies for absence, Ben Sheldon, Alan Grant, Emma Fogg, Gordon Braun, Carolyn Gibbs Carol Terry.

112.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 4 January 2018 were accepted as a true record.

Prop. John Griffin, Sec Ken Johnson Unanimous

112.4 Matters Arising from the above minutes:

111.10.5 Bank A meeting held on the 17 January between the BPC and representatives of local banks only resulted in a promise to support anyone with a particular problem and the visit of a van once a week. There was no clarification as to what is likely to happen. KJ said be aware that ATMs may be removed by the banks but they are likely remain outside Sainsbury, Tesco Express and other non-bank sites exist.

111.5 Report from the Chair. HB asked for clarification regarding scope of the work to be carried out by the wardens.

111.5.2 Billifest Hamper Raffle. A date has still not been set for the wash-up meeting and hand-over of the hamper prize.

107.10.1 Noticeboard north of the roundabout. TP: Rotary and Lions Clubs have agreed to undertake changes to the noticeboard with no cost to the BCP.

111.5.1 Wardens The BPC has agreed to ask HDC to employ wardens on behalf of Billingshurst.

111.9 Review and Update of the CPL:

Topic 1 DC still needs to arrange a meeting with Chris Cooper, the new Chair of the CoC to discuss how the CoC will progress business development and economy support.

Topic 3 A Senior Citizens Directory has been produced by HDC. It is available and distributed to the doctors surgery, chemists, the Lions’ Book Shop and Library. We will put the information on our website. KB added that this is being produced by The Older Persons Forum and printed by HDC.

Topic 6 Community Safety – Scam information has been put on our website and DC will ask the Village Tweet to include in the next magazine.

112.5 Report from the Chair

  1. Year of Culture (See full report attached to these minutes)

  2. A Voluntary Sector Scrutiny group is being set up by HDC to assess how HDC can best work with and support the community voluntary sector. DC has volunteered to join this group and will attend the first meeting to be held on the 7 March.

  3. Young Horsham District Forum. JC and DC will attend the next meeting on the 2 April. The main topic will be Autism.

112.6 Financial Report. See TB’s report attached with balance sheet. TB reported that the charges for hiring the village hall will rise in April. This will impact on the cost of our meetings (from general budget) and the Seniors Lunch Club.

112.7 Reports Received. Attached to these minutes: IT Security PP, IT Ransome Ware PP, Road Safety CT, High Street Footfall & Graphs PP, Visitor & Tourism DC, Year of Culture DC, Dementia Forum JU.

112.8 Questions / Comments on project reports.

Dementia JU See report Attached. The Dementia Friendly session held on 14 Feb was well attended and it is hoped we can hold more depending on interest. Everyone is welcome to the Dementia Café which is held at the United Reform Church on the second Saturday in the month. There was a discussion about a lack of support for carers and the possibility that the BCP could work towards setting up support in this area. Further discussion required to gauge general interest. JU requested that a quiet area at The Billingshurst Show be provided.

112.9 EYE PROJECT. see details below

112.10 AOB

1. DC has had a discussion with HDC parking services about whether some of the profits from the car parking fees could be used to pay for a map monolith stand for the library car park. It was agreed that this would be put on the work list. DC will follow-up in a month or so if no news if forthcoming.

2. WSCC is hosting a Voluntary Sector Engagement forum in Worthing on 27 February., 2 tickets are available.

3. Year of Culture “Hidden Gems”. The public are being asked by HDC to nominate their favourite places and buildings from around the district. There will be 12 places selected, (one for each month), which will feature in the YoC 2019 PR material. Nominations can be made through the website or West Sussex County Times.

4. DC reported that Martin Spurrier has resigned due to relocation. His energy and enthusiasm will be missed. DC read out Martin’s letter of resignation which gave his good wishes to all BCP projects but especially the EYE project.

5. Speed Watch JBP has attended a training session in Marringdean Road and another is planned for the 17 February at Adversane.


Questions from the floor were fielded by JG, PP, TP and DC.

JG suggested that detailed questions should be sent to the team before next week when a meeting with John Loxley, HDC, will take place.

The Bowling Club representatives took the opportunity to confirm that all outstanding queries with regards to the EYE building had been dealt with and they were happy with the situation. They alerted the EYE team to a problem the Bowling Club were experiencing with a drain which they hoped could be sorted out at the same time as the drainage for the EYE building. As the EYE building was not likely to start until 2019, they felt that they could not wait this long and would proceed to resolve the problem before the EYE building commenced. JG asked them to keep the EYE team informed.

112.11 Date of next meeting: Thursday 22 March at the BVHCC at 7.30 pm

Note this is a change from the published date

Meeting closed at 9.30



Title Minutes 15 February 2018

Ref 112

OwnerDenise Campbell

AuthorJune Perks


Name Denise Campbell

Role Chair, Billingshurst Community Partnership Management Committee

Release Date

Signature………Denise Campbell Chairman………………………………………………….






16 February 2018



Treasurer’s Report (2 docs) (TB) (Column Right)

Year of Culture (DC) (Column Right)

Visitor & Tourism LEADER (DC) (Column Right)

Billingshurst Foot flow Graph & Report (PP)
(Column Right)

IT Security Scams (PP) (Column Right)

Road & Pavement Safety (CT) (Below)

Dementia Forum (JU) (Below)



Those present






PROJECT Road and pavement safety
AUTHOR Carol Terry
MONTH 15 Feb 2018

Comprehensive letter received from Chris Stark, Regional Highways Manager, regarding my letter to him on lack of pavements and overgrown hedges and other vegetation obscuring road signs etc. Vegetation has been trimmed on Stane Street looking north from Weald bus lanes, making it less dangerous to cross to the island in the road at this point, so some success achieved. Likewise vegetation minimally trimmed on opposite side of the road which was obscuring the 20mph flashing sign. Need to keep reminding WSCC re their responsibility to ensure these improvements are maintained once the trees are in leaf. Still awaiting a response regarding when their contractor Balfour Beatty will cut back the hedge on Station Road outside the Weald and the Family Centre. They need a flailing machine as the hedge has been allowed to get seriously overgrown over a number of years.

Postcards, designed by WAKOOS After School Club children, have been delivered to residents reminding them to cut back overgrown hedges. Record of where and when this has been done. Reminder postcards will be delivered where no action has been taken within a month. Promoting Pavement Protocol press release will appear in District Post and Village Tweet in February/March, describing postcard project and reminding all residents to cut back their hedges to allow full pavement access for pedestrians, pushchairs, mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

CT and DC had meeting with Greg Burt, Parish Clerk, to discuss the construction of a footpath across the bottom of Station Road Gardens to join the existing cinder path to the gate on the boundary of the Leisure Centre to enable students and others to access school without wading through thick mud! GB agreed this was a sensible project and will work with Keith Brown on this. 106 funds available.

Meeting planned for Monday 19 February at 7 pm at Billingshurst Centre regarding the possibility of setting up a volunteer group prepared to meet once a month to undertake local footpath maintenance. Training would be given by WSCC and insurance provided. CT and DC to attend. Otherwise only potential volunteers are invited. There will be a volunteer from a similar project at Ashington in attendance to advise.

Speedwatch: Two pilot sessions planned for 2 and 6 February at Adversane and Marringdean Road respectively. Following these pilot sessions another meeting will take place and further sessions will be held. Volunteers still required.

Carol Terry

PROJECT Dementia Forum
AUTHOR John Underwood
MONTH Feb 2018

Dementia Forum
Since my last report there has been more correspondence with Sainsbury's who still refuse to add new signs. However a different approach may produce results.
Three members of Sainsbury's staff were among the twenty people attending a Dementia Friends training session at the Village Centre today, St Valentine's Day. After the session they realised why we were pressing for new signage and will obtain a quote for the cost of the signs before taking up the issue themselves.
The session had been arranged by Paul Roberts for the Lions who provided 11 of the attendees. Others present were 4 members of the Partnership, the Parish Clerk and a member of the Village Centre staff. Our thanks go to the Lions and to the Village Centre who made no charge for the room.
If other members would like to attend a course please let me know.
I am liasing with the organiser of the Dementia Cafe and will seek her views on setting up a specific Carer's Support Group in Billingshurst.
It is hoped that as a result of the session and other lobbying St. Mary's Church, the Weald School, The Lions, the Library and our local Sainsbury's will join the Horsham District Alliance.
John Underwood

Six Bells


Members Reports for BCP Meetings

Treasurer’s Report from Tony Burke for the Month February 2018

This was tabled. TB’s computer is off line and this has been copied by JBP including the typographical errors, IN ORDER TO CIRCULATE as an attachment WITH THE ACCEPTED MINUTES.

First my apologies for not reporting which was due to illness.

Since my last report our financial activity has mainly be concentrated on Billifest 2017, The Leader Project and the EYE Project.

Billifest was a success both as a community event and financially. Income exceeded expenditure by nearly £2,400 and we carry forward £3,950 to the 2018 event.

On the Leader project we recovered £7174 for the first phase, we are now in the second phase and to date we have spent £1500 which we will recover from Leader during March. We have received £1050.00 in the form of sponsorship for the tourist map.

The EYE project, we have made all payments due to date and this included full payment to the architect and £9108.00 for a soil investigation of the site.

WSCC have given a grant o £2000 for the lunch Club.

Tony Burke

February 2018

PROJECT Year of Culture 2019
AUTHOR Denise Campbell
MONTH February 2018

VCJ and I met to put together a skeleton project plan for a Lantern Procession on the evening of Billifest 2019
The project proposal was submitted to HDC and we have been informed that the project is being considered and we will be advised if we can move the next stage of the funding process at the end of March 2018.

JC also submitted a proposal for a drama project for young people about local Sussex stories which would culminate in a performance at Lark in the Park in July 2019. This is also being considered for funding approval by HDC

The other idea that was initially submitted did not get to the full application phase. The Street Food Festival was considered to be more in line with economic development and the annual HDC Food & Drink Festival which I will pursue separately with local retails and HDC.

Further details about both projects will be presented to the committee if either of them progresses to the next stage.

PROJECT Visitor & Tourism
AUTHOR Denise Campbell
MONTH February 2018

The second phase of the project is now completed and the map has been printed. It is displayed in prominent places around the town. We are negotiating the Station management to have one displayed there.

The map will also be used for the new brochure and website
GK, JU and I have spent a lot of time trying to sell advertising space in the brochure and on the website in order to raise some income for the BCP and on-going / future costs for the maintenance of the website. We have had been limited success but has so far income generated is £1600. The Directors will make recommendations on how much of this should be designated to the general BCP account, and how much should be ring fenced for the website.

We will share details of the brochure design when we are happy with a proof that is being developed.

I have had initial discussions with the website designer with a view to creating a VT website that is as simple and low maintenance as possible. Ultimately, this will be linked to the BCP website and HDC VT website (also currently being developed).

There have been a number of considerations that potentially could have complicated and delayed the website with regards to new data protection laws that come into force in April 2018, and new requirements for all websites to be mobile and tablet user friendly by 2020. I am hopeful that we have been able to find ways to avoid any additional costs to implement these changes.

High Street Footfall
MONTH Feb 2018

Footfall Monitoring.

Horsham are using Billingshurst as a trial site for this exercise. It is planned to roll out this exercise to other Market Towns as well as Horsham’s shopping areas later this year. The Billingshurst trial started in November 2017 hence we know that Billifest, for example, attracted some 3000 people through the day.

Footfall in the High Street is being measured on a month by month. The monitoring device uses a system which has been around for about 3 years. It monitors to a radius of 15 metres and counts/monitors the number of people who pass the device with a mobile telephone emitting a signal.

The system is not able to connect to any personal data that a mobile may hold so that the security, of that data, is not an issue. A very complicated algorithm calculates the footfall and takes into account those people without mobile phones as well as repeat journeys past the device. The monitor is installed in Austin’s Hardware Store. It is hoped this survey will help with understanding the footfall in the High Street each day and during town events.

The monthly results are being shared with those Traders who are interested in this data.

IT Security Scams and PC Vulnerabilities
MONTH Jan/Feb 2018

Meltdown & Spectre

Recently, two critical vulnerabilities were discovered in modern processors. Dubbed "Meltdown and Spectre", these processor chip vulnerabilities are found on personal computers, mobile devices, and in the cloud.

These hardware vulnerabilities can potentially allow programs to steal data which is currently being processed on the computers' chip. While programs are typically not permitted to read data from other programs, a malicious program can exploit Meltdown and Spectre to get hold of secrets stored in the memory of other running programs. This might include passwords stored in a password manager or browser, personal photos, emails, instant messages and even documents containing personal information.

The advice is to ensure your “Counter Measures” (MacAfee/Norton for example) are up to date. Also apply any Operating System patches. Patches have already been released for Microsoft Windows, Apple mac OS, and Linux to patch Meltdown.


Scams update.
MONTH Feb 2018

A Reminder of Scams you may have seen or keep in mind.

First Principle is: Keep you Counter measures up to date !!!!!!

1. Request for information. This scam appears as an email asking for information of a personal nature. Banks never will. It could look as from BCP. We as BCP would never do that and we are also careful what we put out in our minutes.
2. Phishing emails. These, that try to trick you into downloading a dangerous attachment that can potentially infect your computer and steal your private information, have been around for a long time. This type of scam keeps occurring because they work. Remain virulent.
3. Emails asking you to download attachments. For example confirming a package delivery, trip itinerary or prize. They might urge you to 'respond immediately'. The lure here is offering you something you want, and invoking a sense of urgency to get you to click. Just delete it.
4. Be my Friend. This one can happen online or over the phone. The scam always starts with the scammer often professing to be a friend-of-a-friend via email. They want to establish a dialogue and that, if continued, often leads to demands for cash or bank details
5. A hardship story. The scammer will say they need to borrow money as they are in difficulty and stuck somewhere trying to return home. In this case the scammer has got hold of an address list so the email looks authentic. Best course of action is to try to phone whoever. If no contact then ignore.

The current advice is "It is everyone’s responsibility to be aware and educate each other - we need to share knowledge and collaborate to protect ourselves against the current threats we face as people living in a connected world."


IT Security Ransomware
Feb 2018

Ransomware is the fastest growing security threat perceived as moderate or extreme
by 80% of cybersecurity professionals. Email and Web use are the most common ransomware
attacks and hence infection of these is of a major concern to all Internet users.

Today’s main obstacles to stronger ransomware defences are all about keeping your counter measures

The 'Which' Computing magazine has tested a number of commercially available software packages.
These have been subjected to 10,000 samples of malware and the packages were tested to see how
well these worked whilst your PC was online. Plus a number of other tests for antivirus protection.


Best Buy











Trend Micro



Avast 2018 version


Avira Pro


Panda Pro












Microsoft Defender





These are the results by score. Note: Some versions have a 'Free Version' these will give you a
basic protection package. The average cost for full versions is c£30 per year.

The scores indicate how well the package performed for:
Overall Protection - Online Protection - Malware Scans - Anti Phishing - Anti Ransomware.