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January 2018 Minutes

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Thursday 4 January 2018 at 7.30 pm


Helen Abbott


Billingshurst & District Rotary Club

Management Committee

Keith Brown


Station Rd/Gardens


Denise Campbell




Carolyn Gibbs




Owen Davies




Sandy Duck


Seniors Luncheon Club


Ken Johnson


Billingshurst Lions


Vicky Cooper Johnstone




Gillian Knight


History Society


June Perks


Secretary to the Partnership

Management Committee

Patrick Perks



Management Committee

Carol Terry


Billingshurst Choral society

Management Committee

John Underwood



Management Committee


Minutes June Perks (JBP)

111.1 Welcome to all. Simon Hoar did not attend. Declarations of Interest. There were no declarations of interest.

111.2 Apologies for absence, Ben Sheldon, John Jones, Tony Priestley, Hazel Barnes, John Griffin, , Martin Spurrier, Jane Cross, Alan Grant, Emma Fogg, Gordon Braun, Tony Burke, Gordon Lindsay, Jane Cross.

110.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 2 November 2017 were accepted as a true record. Unanimous

111.4 Matters Arising from the above minutes:

110.10 EYE progress. PP reported that the lease with WSCC is still outstanding. HDC has given written agreement re access via Myrtle Lane.

107.10.1 Noticeboard: North of the roundabout. TP is looking how best to upgrade / use this.

109.9.8 Luncheon Club. £2000 grant has been received from the CLC. This ensures that the club is financially secure for the next year.

AOB item 7: Station Project PP reported that the Weald School has received £500 from Arun Valley Rails for this project.

Report from the Chair

  1. Neighbourhood Wardens. The PC is considering the Neighbourhood Warden (NW) scheme managed by HDC. The Wardens would undertake the work that was done by the Village Agent. This support for our Senior citizens is no longer available because Age UK have withdrawn their funding in Billinhghurst for the Village Agent scheme. The PC would pay HDC to employ and manage the NWs. It is understood that 2 wardens would be employed. This cost would fall to residents. The PC has request written representations BY THE 23 JANUARY, either to express support for the scheme or otherwise. DC asked that everyone write to the PC to register their support for the NW’s. It was agreed by 11 votes and 1 abstention, that “The BCP should write in support of Billingshurt having NW’s. ACTION DC

  2. Billifest. No date has been set for a wash-up meeting. This will be on the next meetings’ agenda. Thanks were given to the team. VCJ reported that the Facebook Auctioned Hamper was won by Linda Nicholl who paid £28. This will be added to the result of the raffle which is in the region of £700.

  3. Year of Culture (YoC) Launched by HDC in October 2017. On the 13 December we held an event in the Unitarian Chapel to encourage local participation and awareness of YoC. This was well attended. We do not know which Billingshurst organisations ultimately applied for funding but, through the event we hosted, we have information on what the various organisations are planning for 2019.. Each month has a theme and our aim is to produce a full years’ programme of events that will be happening in Billingshurst. DC applied for funds for:

(a) Lantern Procession in December 2019 after Billifest

(b) Street Food Festival in August

(c) Lark in the Park

We have been notified that we were successful with the Lantern Procession idea and have been invited to submit a preliminary application for funding by 23 Jan. VJC will join with DC to plan this event.

DC will speak to Mark at Jengers Bakery re a Street Food Festival to co-incide with HDC annual Food and Drink Festival in September.

  1. DC attended the Horsham District Voluntary Sector Forum on 13 Nov 2017. This was held so that HDC could assess the needs of the voluntary sector and how best they could support them. After April 2018, HAMSVA, currently funded by HDC to support voluntary organisations within the Horsham District, will no longer do this because HDC are withdrawing their funding for HAMSVA. The outcomes and findings of the Forum are not yet published but it is hoped they will be available for discussion in time for the HRTP meeting on 30th Jan 2018. (at the BCCC)

  2. Lisa Boydell Community Development Manager has now left HDC. Greg Charman has taken on this role as well as being Community Safety Manager. Rachel Evans will return to the Community Development Team after maternity leave on 21 January

  3. DC attended Young Horsham District Forum 13 Dec 2017. There was a presentation from CAMHS (Children & Adolescent Mental Health Services) about the local support they are able to provide. They have a very heavy case load with 19 staff dealing with 860 cases. Referral must be through professional bodies (mainly GP’s). Serious concerns were raised about a number of issues and the length of time it takes for YP with mental health problems to get professional help and support through CAHMS, especially Autism. CAMHS indicated that they could/would give a diagnosis of autism but could offer no support or help. DC suggested we put pressure on Horsham to at least ensure there is a protocol in place of how signposting and effective support could be reached by those in need. The EYE building, when it is there, will be an ideal venue to deliver this sort of service. DC will raise this with HDC. ACION DC

  4. HDC Funding Surgery is being held on the 23 January at Chart Way Offices. If anyone would like to attend they should contact HDC community development directly.

111.5 Financial Report none as TB gave apologies

111.6 Reports Received: Arun Valley Rail, Tourism, Economy, Strategy, Dementia Friendly

111.8 Questions / Comments on project reports.

Dementia JU Sainsbury’s have sponsored a brochure to help businesses become Dementia Friendly. The Horsham Dementia Forum is looking for members, anyone can join. They will be running Dementia Friendly courses. It is likely that one of these will be in Billingshurst. JU will advise dates when they are known. VCJ will put a copy of the Dementia Friendly brochure on the Billingshurst Facebook page and DC will put it on the web. There was disappointment in that Sainsbury’s, despite sponsoring the brochure, are unwilling to adapt their signage and become Dementia Friendly. DC suggested we should contact the CEO of Sainsbury’s directly and point out the in-balance between their corporate and their local engagement with Dementia Friendly initiatives. The CEO has close links with Billingshurst. DC to pass on his details to JU

JU/DC are producing a flyer to Promote the lunch club and their minibus transport.

111.9 Review and Update of the Community-led Plan (20015 -20)

As this was the first meeting of the year, and we are heading into the 3rd of the 5 year plan, DC felt it was a good time to assess where we are, and how well, (or not), we are doing on delivery of those topics the BCP lead on in the CLP

Topic 1 Economic Regeneration & 2 Parking

  1. We have been working with HDC to deliver the Supplementary Planning Document (SDP) which mainly concerns itself with infrastructure improvements around the centre of Billingshurst. The BCP has improved signage in Billinghsurst with the installation of new finger posts. These were funded by LEADER. There are ongoing discussions between HDC, BCP, PC and CoC (Chamber of Commerce) about parking improvements and improvements to Jengers Mead. Details are not available for publication at this time but will be made available as soon as final decisions are made.

  2. The CoC primarily lead on topics 1 & 2. There is a new CoC Chairman Chris Cooper. How he plans to deliver and lead on Economy and Parking are unclear / unknown at this time. DC to have a discussion with him to find out more detail. ACTION DC

Topic 3 Senior Citizen

  1. We continue to strive to make Billingshurst more Dementia Friendly. Good progress has been made in this area.

  2. The Senior Citizens Luncheon Club continues to thrive and is a good example of partnership working. Funding is secure for the next year

  3. We will increase our efforts to ensure that senior citizens are aware of clubs etc which they could join. VCJ suggested we could make up packs which could be given to senior citizens where relevant. The monthly Village Tweet lists activities and events happening in Billingshurst. Every household gets a copy. We should aim to increase developing ways of communicating better with this group of the community so that no one feels isolated or lonely.

Topic 4 Youth

  1. The relevance and need for the EYE building has increased even more since we began working on the project in 2008! (10 years)! The project is at a critical point and a number of threads should be woven together in the next month or so which will move the project on significantly. JG will give a full presentation to the committee at the next meeting in February.

  2. The WISH project (Work Information and Support Hub) was a great success. Efforts are being made at HDC to secure funding so this project can be re-introduced and developed further. There is likely to be more of a focus towards young people, especially those with additional needs. There are discussions about whether the YES project could be reinvigorated and combined with WISH to support young people with additional needs aged 18 – 20yrs old

  3. DC will be meeting with Ben Sheldon (community youth leader) to discuss youth needs and develop a plan that identifies the needs of 13 – 25 yr olds in Billingshurst.

Topic 6 Community Safety

  1. Much of the emphasis of our work on this topic has been around road safety. A recent campaign to highlight the problems for pedestrians is ongoing and good progress is being made. We are working closely with the Weald School, HDC and WSCC to improve infrastructure and public awareness. More publicity to highlight this is needed.

  2. PP is very good at circulating articles to members on internet safety and scams. It was agreed that we should send articles to the Village Tweet and our own website to allow residents to benefit from this information too.

Topic 7 Health and Wellbeing

  1. We need to work more closely with Horsham Wellbeing hub to publicise what is available to residents.


  1. SD reported that the Billingshurst Show 2018 topic is Heroes and Villains

  2. KJ EYE. The next step is to raise funds which could amount to £1M. He suggested that all members of the BCP should be made aware of the implications of being involved in such a large and high profile project. A lot of money has already been spent. It is the biggest undertaking by all the members so far and JG should be asked to give a presentation/review at the next meeting on the 14 February as the main item on the agenda. DC to ACTION with JG

  3. KJ Billifest. He thanked the team for their efforts and suggested a meeting should be held by the end of January to tie up the ends.

  4. KB Stn Rd Gardens. Is short of volunteers. The garden committee is struggling financially so need to fund raise. There will be a new area in the garden to commemorate 100 years of the end of WW1. Poppy seeds have been planted and a plaque has been ordered.

  5. No Bank. PC have arranged a meeting with the banks on 17 January to discuss their closures. All are invited to attend. Although it is felt that little can be done to change the Banks’ minds’, there is a suggestion that a mobile unit could visit Billingshurst. CT will clarify the time of the meeting send out the information. ACTION CT

  6. Speedwatch. Teams are being set up and are waiting to be trained to use the equipment.

  7. PP Footfall in the High Street. Specialist equipment was installed in Austens free of charge for a 3 month period at the beginning of December to record the footfall in the High Street. It recorded 4000 people being in the High Street for Billifest.

  8. DC Map monolith stands for Library car park and station. LEADER funding was not available to us for these.She is now in discussion with Lynda Spain HDC Economic Development Officer, to see whether HDC have funds available for this.

111.11 Date of next meeting Thursday 15 February at the BVHCC at 7.30 pm

Meeting closed at 9.20 pm



Title Minutes 4 January 2018

Ref 111

Owner Denise Campbell

Author June Perks


Name Denise Campbell

Role Chair, Billingshurst Community Partnership Management Committee

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Signature………Denise Campbell Chairman………………………………………………….







12 January 2018




Dementia Forum - Right hand column


Arun Valley Rail - Right hand column


Tourism Terms of Reference (3 pages) - Right hand column


Economy (Marketing & Strategy)


Final Strategy not attached (51 pages) Available from HDC




Luncheon club and minibus outings flyer.



Those present






AUTHOR Tony Burke


Since my last report there has been little financial activity apart from payment relating to maintenance of or website.

I attach my report on Billifest 16 which shows what I expect to be the final financial position although there are a couple of payments to be made. I expect a member of the committee may wish to comment on the figures.

Tony Burke

Lion's Bookshop, Jengers Mead


Members Reports for BCP Meetings

MONTH 4 January 2018

Dementia Forum

All the High Street and Jengers Mead shops have now been given the Alzheimer's Society booklet containing advice on becoming more dementia friendly. This will shortly be followed up with a note inviting them to join the Horsham Dementia Alliance. To date Trinity United Reformed Church and the Primary School are the only organisations in Billingshurst, apart from ourselves, to have joined.It would boost our standing with Horsham and the associated charities if more businesses and voluntary organisations were to join and become dementia friends.

On the whole it has been the smaller businesses that have been more responsive.Sainsbury's, who officially support the Alzheimer's Society and who provided the foreward to the booklet, refuse to take steps to improve signage in the High Street store "as we have received no complaints". This is not exactly the pro-active attitude that they convey in the literature and so please pass on to me any comments or complaints heard about the lack of signage. This is a battle I shall be happy to continue.

JU 3/01/2018

Arun Valley Rail
MONTH Nov 2017

Rowena Tyler, late of Airs and now is a key officer of the User’s Association of the Rail Arun Valley Line, invited June and I to a meeting on the 9th November 2017. Her reason was that the Weald School have adopted the Billingshurst Station and apparently there are some safety issues with the students regarding the level crossing. Rowena feels that we, as BCP could support the school and we went along to learn more on both the user association and those issues around the station regarding safety. I have two names of staff that are involved and will make contact with them to explore how we may get involved.

Without going through all the detailed discussions on the 9th the gist was as follows:

Crawley Station – Arora Hotel Development. A major development including shops, pedestrian spaces and private flats is planned for the Crawley Station over the next 10 years or so.

The Sussex Rail Users’ Association. These Associations/Partnerships are supported by the Dept. of Transport and essentially are concerned with the development and improvement of facilities at the Stations across the area.

Arun Valley Line. This is Rowena’s remit and they are working to improve the stations on the Arun Line with the enhancement of them in terms of information boards, landscaping, planting, refurbishments and the installation of “Art Projects” aimed at involving local schools. Hence the Weald involvement in “Adopt a Station”. Rowena feels that, as BCP, we can encourage the Weald and perhaps help with some funding via grants. I will explore this with the contact we now have.

Level Crossings. An interesting talk, by a Clive Robey of Network Rail, who showed a number of incidents, captured by CCTV at various level crossings along the Arun Valley rail network. Billingshurst featuring large with people trying to beat the barriers as well as parking over the rails. Some 3000 offences are committed across the area, most leading to a fine and disqualified for a period of time.

Signal Box Preservation. As level crossings are automated the boxes are removed and preserved at various locations. The Billingshurst Signal Box can now be seen at the Chalk Pits Museum.

Horsham District Visitor Marketing & Strategy 2018 to 2023
MONTH Nov 2017

Background. HDC are drawing up plans for a “Visitor Partnership” and are funding, via LEADER grants, to work with consultants (Acorn), and interested organisations, to produce a Strategy for marketing the district to 2023. BCP are members of the partnership working group. The terms of reference are attached.

Marketing Plan. The partnership met on the 16th Nov to discuss a draft marketing plan. Members included other Rural Towns Partnerships, Hoteliers, Countryside Agency and key personnel from HDC. The meeting was chaired by Gordon Lindsay. The following are headings from that meeting:

  • Priority Actions. Any visitor information should include areas around the district that will attract people to visit and stay for a few nights, or longer, such as the RSPB attraction and others (Fishers Farm for example) and major on the nearby South Downs Link, River Arun, Historical attractions the Roman Villa is an example, and the various Wine Growers now producing quality wines (a Horsham District Wine Trail!) and the Heritage Trail that has just received a grant to update the information boards around the district.

  • Transport. A more integrated approach is required. Whilst train and bus routes are important to visitors so are cycle ways to link the various attractions and villages.
  • Web Site. Whilst it is agreed there should be one overarching website, all other partners should develop their own “Visitor” web pages and clear links between all made as a feature of each one. There should also be links to Businesses, Hotels and Guest Houses with clear and easy navigation. In developing the overarching website a key feature must be a title that will enable the site to be high on any search engine. It was thought that a title such as “Horsham Visitor” is not inviting and some other heading is required.

Strategy 2018 to 2019. See attached doc file here

Some possible outcomes for BCP

  • Working group to explore how BCP/Billingshurst can contribute to the “Year of Culture 2019

  • Explore with the Weald re the Station Adoption project (Landscaping and Art Work perhaps)

  • Formation (reinvigorate) a Traders/Retailers Group (This needs to be explored now that, as a non-business, BCP are no longer a member of the C of C (associate status)

  • An Arts Festival (Perhaps drawing on those involved in the Community Shop)

  • Our own “Food & Drink Festival” (Hepworth’s and Mark from Jengers Bakery told me they would be up for this one)

Future Meetings. The Horsham Partnership will meet at least four times per year (next meeting April/March)