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Registered Office: 4 Heath Square, Boltro Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1BL.


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Thursday 21 June 2018 at 7.30 pm


Helen Abbott


Billingshurst & District Rotary Club

Management Committee

Tony Burke


BCP Treasurer


Denise Campbell




Carolyn Gibbs




John Griffin




Gillian Knight


Vice Chairman Representing History Society


June Perks


Secretary to the Partnership

Management Committee

Patrick Perks



Management Committee

Tony Priestley


Scouts and Guides

Management Committee

Carol Terry


Billingshurst Choral Society Management Committee

John Underwood



Management Committee

Minutes June Perks (JBP)
115.1 Welcome to all including Declarations of Interest. There were no declarations of interest.

115.2 Apologies for absence, Hazel Barnes, , John Jones, Ken Johnson, Linda Nicholl, , Alan Grant, Sandy Duck, Jane Cross, Kate Rowbottom.

115.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 10 May 2018 were accepted as a true record.

Prop:John Underwood, Sec: Tony Burke Unanimous

Matters Arising from the above minutes:

CLP. DC has arranged a meeting with Chris Cooper, the new Chair of the CoC on the 26 June to discuss how the CoC will progress business development and economy support in Billingshurst.

113.5.2 Visitor & Tourism Website DC will check how easily this is accessed.

113.9 AOB

4 Local Environmental Projects CT had spoken to the Parish Clerk about establishing a voluntary team to undertake projects but as yet no update received. Hedge cutting at the Children’s Centre is in abeyance as responsibility has to be taken for removing the cuttings. DC will talk to Greg Burt. Action DC

5 BAIT Katy Bourne has accepted our invitation to attend our meeting on the 26 July. This has been widely publicised. All welcome.

Matters Arising Continued

114.5 Chairman’s Report

Walk around Billingshurst Brochure has been printed and will be distributed to all Estate Agents as well as the Library, BCCC etc. Action DC/JU/GK

Leader grant has been signed off and the project is now discharged

Year of Culture. DC was only able to attend the later part of the meeting on the 12 June due to an accident on the A272. She missed the presentation part of the evening and therefore has nothing further to report.

WISH is starting again later this month in Billingshurst but no date set as yet.

HDC’s Volunteer Sector Portal. The BCP has registered and the Chair encourages all community voluntary organisations to do the same. This is a huge and comprehensive free resource as well as monthly newsletters and updates.

Velo South JU reported that there is some concern re access to Billingshurst as the route completely surrounds the village.

Friends of the Railway Station £500 is available now we have become a partner organisation. The Weald School can use part of our contribution for any project they may have planned. A letter from Rowena Tyler, Line Officer representing Andy Harrowell, CSR Manager, Southern Railway is attached.

114.9 3 Data Protection Act

A draft copy of the policy has been circulated to all members of the BCP. This policy dated 21 June 2018 was accepted by a unanimous vote.

Proposed: Gillian Knight and Seconded by John Underwood. Unanimous

Report from the Chair

Combined with Matters Arising from the Minutes of 10 May.

>Age UK are holding a Health event on the 27 June at the Southwater Leisure Centre.

A volunteer has come forward showing interest in the Treasurer’s position but has requested a meeting with DC and TB, scheduled for Tuesday 26 June to discuss what this will entail.

115.6 Financial Report TB See report. Cubitt & West payment for WAB brochure sponsorship and money from the Arts Emporium for the purchase of some of the Creatives equipment are still outstanding. TB pointed out that online access to NatWest will have to be arranged when the new Treasurer takes over.

Reports Received. Attached to these minutes: Treasurer’s Report TB, Billifest JBP.

Questions / Comments on project reports:


JU is concerned that we do not have enough volunteers and that we should seek more and younger volunteers to organise and run the day. The next meeting of the Billifest Committee is on the 6 September. PP said he would require 8 marshalls.

There was much discussion. It was decided to make a list of specific jobs needing volunteers and that this could be advertised in the Village Tweet, HDC’s Voluntary Sector Portal and Articles in the press. The general consensus is that without a new influx of volunteers, Billifest 2018 might not happen. DC is waiting for Sandy Duck to give her a list of responsibilities / jobs ACTION SD

Main Report EYE Documents distributed to all members of the BCP prior to the meeting: JG’s Document outlining his presentation is attached to these minutes.

115.10 AOB

Safety and Security. With Billifest in mind, but with other projects included, PP has contacted HDC and has received a clarification of the cover of the Public Liability Insurance held by the BCP and the responsibility of volunteers etc. A further document is in the pipeline.

Gazebos - TP and KB have managed to resurrect two gazebos out of 4 broken ones. DC will store them at her house.

Dementia Session JU there will be a session at the Fire Station on the 19 July. The Weald School will be contacted with a view to joining the Alliance. CT is in the process of registering Singing for Pleasure with the Alliance.

Younger volunteers – It was suggested that we might find younger generation volunteers through the website. ACTION VCJ.

Billingshurst Choral Society CT tickets on sale for a concert on 7 July.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 26 July 2018 at the BVHCC at 7.30 pm

The meeting closed at 9.10 pm




Title Minutes 21 June 2018

Ref 115

Owner Denise Campbell

Author June Perks


Name Denise Campbell

Role Chair, Billingshurst Community Partnership Management Committee

Release Date

Signature………Denise Campbell Chairman………………………………………………….





26 June



Billifest (JBP) Right Hand column

Treasurer’s (AB) Right Hand column


Southern Rail Right Hand column

EYE Summary of presentation 21 June 2018 (JG) Right Hand column


Those present





High Street

PROJECT Billifest
AUTHOR June Perks
MONTH 21 June 2018

A meeting of last year’s organisers was chaired by Denise Campbell at which it was unanimously decided by those present that Billifest should be held on the 1 December 2018.

It will be held mainly in the High Street but with connection to Jengers Mead where appropriate.

Layout, stallholders and general organisation Contact Sandy Duck
Raffle Contact Helen Abbott and Carol Terry leading a team.

Extracts from comments:

Volunteers are needed especially younger ones.
New ideas are needed.
A Public Relations Person is needed. Publicity will include the Village Tweet, Facebook and any method to obtain more help especially for the younger members of the community
Sub-groups will be organised as they wish and just have a rep attend general meetings.

PROJECT Finances
Author Tony Burke
MONTH 20 June 2018

I am working on the Annual Accounts for 2017/18 and have not produced my normal table for this meeting. I will circulate as soon as it is available.

Financial activity since the 1st April has been limited to payments associated with the production of the Visitor / Tourist Guide and Map and a claim has been made for these costs to Leader which should be paid to us in the next couple of weeks. In addition regular monthly payments have been made for the maintenance of our Website

Tony Burke
20 June 2018

19 June 2018
Dear Patrick,
On behalf of Southern Railway, and Sussex Community Rail Partnership (SCRP), we
would like to welcome you as station partners for Billingshurst. We look forward to
working with you to help the location further reflect the local community.
Safety is paramount to everything we do at Southern, and we ask you to consider the
fact you are working on an operational railway station. Please remember the
mitigations and details covered in the Site Access Permit paperwork, and if you have
any questions, we ask that you always check with the local team before you do
anything. If you have new ideas for how we can work further together please also
check these with the station manager first.
Other guidance and advice, including identifying funding streams, is available
through your local SCRP line officer. Please do not hesitate to contact them, as they
have a wealth of experience that they are happy to share.
Your Line Officer is Rowena Tyler and can be contacted on 07944 289269 or and your station is on the Arun Valley Line
If you have a constitution for your group, or are a charity/business, you may also wish
to consider becoming members of the Association of Community Rail Partnerships
(ACoRP). This organisation is setup to provide advice, support and funding.
Membership costs 25 per annum and includes the opportunity to apply for small
grants towards your work. You can find out more at
We always love to hear about the achievements of station partners, and to receive
photographs of projects, especially reflecting ‘before and after’. Please do send any
details and pictures to your station manager, us and the local SCRP line officer. We
will be happy to help promote any of your work, through our networks.
Once again, thank you for agreeing to work with us to improve the experience at
Billingshurst station and we look forward to working with you further.
Yours sincerely,
Andy Harrowell Kirsten Firth
CSR Manager, Southern Railway SCRP Manager


EYE Update for BCP Meeting 21/6/18 from John Griffin

Since my last presentation in February there have been two key developments:

  1. We have had an in-depth meeting with the WSCC Legal team in Chichester and were able to make progress on several fronts; not least understanding what the three documents related to. The Agreement to Lease is not the full lease but sets out the conditions under which the Lease will be offered. The advantage for us is that the Agreement to Lease is, in effect, a firm commitment from WSCC that they will grant a Lease on the land but that the ‘time constraints’ regarding the construction time-table will not ‘kick in’ until the lease is signed. We were also able to have some of the time limitations extended which gives more flexibility than the document templates originally allowed.

  • Principal among the changes we required, was the agreement to facilitate the transfer of the lease for the EYE building (when constructed) from BCP to the EYE CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). This arrangement enables the EYE Project to approach fund providers for financial support under the auspices of the BCP who have a record of project success (Family Centre / Jubilee Fields etc.) and at the appropriate time, the responsibility for the EYE facility will pass to the CIO who then become liable for the building and the running of the facility.

  • We were able to gain a better understanding of the distinction between ‘let’ and ‘hire’ which was shrouded in legalese in the documents. As you would expect, there are restrictions regarding ‘sub-letting’ whereby the building could be effectively transferred from the CIO to a third party (which was never our intention). However, for the purposes of hiring out the premises to community groups and others, in the way we envisage, the restrictions are inapplicable. (e.g. no regular hiring to be for longer than five days consecutive in any one week).

  • We were able to gain clarification for the inclusion of some seemingly irrelevant clauses and some other clauses that were expressly excluded in the documents. In both cases the clauses – and reference to the exclusions – were a legal requirement and had no specific bearing on our lease conditions.

  • Other concerns were dealt with in a spirit of co-operation such as removing the clause that implied that the CIO would have responsibility for public footpaths outside of the EYE curtilage.

  • The documents are currently with our solicitors for scrutiny.

  1. The second big development is that we have conducted reviews of the three candidate contractors and, in partnership with our QS, and have decided on our preferred option. We have a meeting with Beard Construction at their offices in Guildford on 28th June to discuss the contract and some peripheral issues.

  2. We have already debriefed the BCP Directors on both the lease documents and the contractors' decision and they were happy for us to announce these developments to the main committee this evening and, hopefully, gain your approval to proceed also.

  3. We shall revert to the committee again prior to the signing of any documents and the draft documents are available for scrutiny and any further questions after this meeting.