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Thursday 10 May 2018 at 7.30 pm


Helen Abbott


Billingshurst & District Rotary Club

Management Committee

Keith Brown


Station Road Gardens


Tony Burke


BCP Treasurer


Denise Campbell




Jane Cross



Management Committee

Owen Davies



Management Committee

Sandy Duck


BCP Seniors Luncheon Club

Management Committee

Carolyn Gibbs




Gillian Knight


Vice Chairman Representing History Society


June Perks


Secretary to the Partnership

Management Committee

Patrick Perks



Management Committee

Tony Priestley


Scouts and Guides

Management Committee

Kate Rowbottom




Carol Terry


Billingshurst Choral Society

Management Committee

John Underwood



Management Committee


Minutes June Perks (JBP)

114.1 Welcome to all including Declarations of Interest. There were no declarations of interest.

114.2 Apologies for absence, Brian Spicer, Hazel Barnes, John Griffin, John Jones, Ben Sheldon, Ken Johnson, Hazel Barnes, Linda Nicholl, Gordon Lindsay, Alan Grant

114.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 22 March 2018 were accepted as a true record.

Prop: Tony Burke Sec Owen Davies Unanimous

Matters Arising from the above minutes:

111.5.2 Billifest Hamper Linda Nicholl confirmed receipt.

111.5.1 Wardens . Interviews have taken place and offers given with start dates in June. Sharon Cadman HDC will manage the wardens. GK suggested they should be invited to one of BCP’s meetings via Sharon. AGREED

CLP . DC still needs to arrange a meeting with Chris Cooper, the new Chair of the CoC to discuss how the CoC will progress business develop ment and economy support.

113.5 2 Visitor & Tourism Website is live but to find it at present you need to put HTTP//, when the link should be visible on the home page.

113.9 AOB

4 Local Environmental Projects CT had spoken to the Parish Clerk about establishing a voluntary team to undertake projects but as yet no update is set. The Village Tweet, PC News may contain the information. Action CT

5 BAIT Katy Bourne to be invited to address the BCP Action JBP

6 Adopt a Youth Club – nothing to report.

114.5 Chairman’s Report

  1. Walk around Billingshurst Brochure is being revised and updated and will take the same format as the new Visitor & Tourism Brochure.

  2. TB and DC are meeting the LEADER manager from WSCC next Tuesday to sign off on the LEADER grant for the Way-finder posts, VT brochure and VT website

  1. First week in June is Volunteer Week. Rachel Evans of HDC should be contacted if you are having an event that you would like publicised

Year of Culture. There is a networking meeting on the 12 June at Leonards Lee, 6.30 to 8.30 pm. DC has 2 tickets and asked if anyone would like to accompany her to the event. Carolyn Gibbs said she would.

HDC has received a grant of £30,000 which is part of a £40,000 grant from SIF to run WISH (Work Information & Support Hub first piloted in Billingshurst). CETAS will manage the project to be delivered in Billingshurst, Henfield & Southwater starting in June

HDC’s Volunteer Sector Portal. The BCP has registered and the Chair encourages all community voluntary organisations to do the same. This is a huge and comprehensive free resource as well as monthly newsletters and updates.

Velo South The amateur cycling event will take place on the 23 September and will run close to, but not through, Billinghurst. After a general discussion it was agreed that we do not have the capacity to organise an event that supports Velo South.

It was suggested that CoC might be interested in getting involved in something as it would have a direct impact on the business economy, especially the retail businesses. SD said she thought this doubtful as there was a change of emphasis within the CoC. DC said she will speak with the Chair of the CoC when she meets with him. She will also advise HDC of the committee decision. Action DC

Invitation to the Street Pastors’ AGM being held on the 17 May at the URC church at 7.30 pm. All welcome.

9 Friends of the Railway Station. Rowena Tyler is encouraging local organisations to “Adopt your Station” The Weald School have already done so and DC and PP met with Rowena and a representative of the Weald to discuss the advantages of the BCP adopting the Station too. £500 is awarded to those who adopt the Station to be used to enhance it in some way. It was agreed that we should proceed with this to get the new VT map displayed and support the Weald School in any project it develops. (ie: murals, planters, poetry on the waiting room wall etc). Any ideas are welcome. DC will liaise with the school but a “project champion” is needed so BCP can become actively involved.

10 EYE Project – DC/PP/TP/JG have met with WSCC legal team to discuss the details of the lease agreements. All changes proposed and asked for by the BCP were agreed to by WSCC. We should have the revised draft of the lease within a month. As previously agreed, the Land Lease Agreements and the WSCC approved Contractor tender will be submitted to first the Directors for approval, and then the full management committee prior to any documents being signed or arrangements entered into. We will then be able to begin sourcing the funding for the main build costs of the project.

KR will send DC a list of where money might be available. Action KR

11 27 April DC was invited to address a group of Ashington Volunteers to talk about the role / advantages of CP’s .

114.6 Financial Report TB gave a verbal report as the end of year figures were not yet available.

(a). The final payment from Leader of £5000 is imminent.

(b) HDC has awarded BCP £1,000 for our general fund and running expenses, for which TB has put in an invoice. DC commented that this was not going to cover our running costs and she had made HDC aware that we will be asking for more next year.

114.7 Reports Received. Attached to these minutes: Dementia Forum (JU); Footfall Report (4 pages); Visitor Economy DC; Scams PP; Carolyn Gibbs’ letter of thanks.

114.8 Questions/Comments on project reports. (See AOB)

114.9 Main Reports

1 Billingshurst Show –

  1. It was agreed that this year we would not have a BCP pitch/stand because we have nothing specific to promote this year and most members are already involved in the show through the organisations they represent on the BCP

  2. DC and CG will run a stand for the Nicaraguan project that Carolyn has developed and is supporting.

  3. Dementia Friendly area (JU) Trinity United Reformed Church, who runs the twice monthly Dementia Café will provide a quiet area. Their stand will be manned by the Billingshurst Dementia Friends but any additional help will be appreciated. Action KB gazebo.

2 Billifest a meeting will be held on Tuesday, 5 June 2018 , 7.30pm at TP’s house with DC in the chair should this not be convenient for KJ. The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss whether we will, or will not have Billifest in 2018.

3 The Data Protection Act, 25 May 2018

  1. All members have been emailed with a list of the information which will be held by the BCP. (copy attached). Members were asked to indicate “read and received” by returning the form by email or to hand in the signed list at this meeting (10 May 2018).

  2. A Draft Data Projection Policy has been written by PP and agreed by the Directors. It is now ready for distribution to all members.

3 Some responses asking for deletion from the database have already been acted upon and any changes applied.

114.10 AOB

1 Glen Chip is the new Chief Executive of HDC.

2 Age UK Outreach Supporter SD reported that she has already been to the Seniors Luncheon club. She is covering several areas. JU will give JBP her contact email.

3 SD Seniors Luncheon club will be have a special lunch of fish and chips with entertainment from CT’s singing group on the 16 July.

Year of Culture 2019 GK. Horsham Heritage Forum is looking for 100 historic objects in the district. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact them directly.

  • Speed Watch CT is looking for volunteers. Contact via their website or get in touch with a member (JBP or CT)

  • Singing for Pleasure – CT last attendance was 60 people.

  • Alzheimers Society – see additional report attached.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 21 June 2018 at the BVHCC at 7.30 pm

The meeting closed at 9.10 pm


Title Minutes 22 May 2018

Ref 114

Owner Denise Campbell

Author June Perks


Name Denise Campbell

Role Chair, Billingshurst Community Partnership Management Committee

Release Date

Signature………Denise Campbell Chairman………………………………………………….





14 May


12 June


Computer Access (CLP Safety Scams) (PP)
Right Hand column

High Street Footfall (PP)


Dementia Campaign (JU) Right Hand Column

Alzheimer’s Society Report (JU) Right Hand Column


Carolyn Gibb’s Letter Right Hand Column


Those present






High Street Footfall
MONTH May 10 meeting

Footfall Monitoring. FOR MARCH 2018

Please see the footfall in the High Street for March as attached

Some Traders in Jengers are reporting a decrease in sales they suspect due to the road closure at the Northern Roundabout. However the footfall, as measured at the midpoint of the High Street (Austin’s), does show an increase of people passing by. One can only assume therefore that drivers are continuing along the bypass and parking in the Library and then continuing on foot to Jengers.

For the spread hour by hour see the attached.

High Street

Computer Access (CLP Community Safety Scams and Internet)
March 2018

This is a variation on a fraudulent request to access your computer!

You purchase a subscription to a service (for example a subscription to BT, Norton, Car Hire and so on). On entering the address of the suppliers website you see a “Pop up” asking you to call a number to register the details. When connected you are then asked to grant remote access.

DON’T and Hang Up!!

This one works by users not being careful when selecting from the list of websites that will appear when entering a supplier’s name on your search engine. We all get this – a list of many choices. ALWAYS check that the one you are selecting is the actual supplier’s website. Fraudsters are very cleaver in imitating website content and often what appears to be a genuine home address is not.

The significance of this is to be vigilant and make sure you are on the supplier’s site. If in doubt call them.
In general terms a supplier will never ask for access to your computer. The registration process is via their site and you would be asked to enter information that only you have from the purchase. Usually as a set of unique alpha numeric letters and numbers.

So never allow remote access to your computer.


There is an exception. If you have a trusted maintainer with whom you work and only then if you are 100% certain of their integrity. Then and only then would one allow that remote access.

PROJECT Dementia Forum
MONTH May 2018


The Alzheimer’s Society will have a representative at Sainsbury’s on 23 May between 12 and 2.30 to give information and answer questions.

There are now four members of the Horsham District Dementia Action Alliance whose names start with “Billingshurst”. There are six which start with “Horsham”. When the Parish Council and Lions join we shall be level. It would be an achievement to add at least one more member.

Trinity United Reformed church will provide a quiet area at the Billingshurst Show. They would appreciate the offer of a tent or gazebo and help on the day.

Dear Colleagues,
I am writing to thank you for the generous donation of the laptops and printer for my Kids and Kayaks Project.

All are installed and in use. For the cost of $20 per laptop, I was able to get them all installed with a later version of windows and configured to Spanish. One was password locked so this operation sorted out all glitches.

One was being used at Dreamland Tours and with the printer they were using them to print their publicity pamphlets whilst I was there. It will also enable them to manage their accounting. Everyone was very grateful.

The other two have gone to two of the satellite rural schools connected to Rafaela Herrera, who will not benefit from the desktop computer I bought. I received a photo of one in use before the end of my stay, The teacher came to visit to thank me personally and gave me letter of thanks.

On the day after my arrival a warm message of thanks was written on to the whiteboard with the names of all donors that I had provided for them. They may not be able to thank you personally but trusted me to do this on their behalf.

I enclose a leaflet showing the achievements of the project and our future plans; more laptops would be welcome if you know anyone upgrading! Plus there is continued need to support in various ways.

Without such support this small idea would not have grown into what for me will no doubt be a lifetime's project!

With grateful thanks


Carolyn Gibbs