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September 2018 Minutes

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Thursday 13 September 2018 at 7.30 pm


Helen Abbott


Billingshurst & District Rotary Club

Management Committee

Keith Brown


Station Road Gardens

Management Committee

Denise Campbell




Jane Cross



Management Committee

Sandy Duck


Seniors/Luncheon Club

Management Committee

Gillian Knight


Vice Chairman Representing History Society


June Perks



Management Committee

Patrick Perks



Management Committee

Tony Priestley


Scouts and Guides

Management Committee

Tony Scrase




Carol Terry


Billingshurst Choral Society

Management Committee

John Underwood



Management Committee

Liz Burt


Horsham DC/Portal


Caroline O’Mally


Dementia Alliance



Minutes June Perks (JBP)

117.1 Welcome and Declarations of Interest. There were no declarations of interest.

DC Welcomed Liz Burt from HDC Community Development Team who explained the Voluntary Sector Portal. The following information is available on the Portal: start-up, resources & fact sheets, policy templates, funding advice, training, volunteering vacancies and recruitment, venue hire, networking events and forums.

A It is free service. Only one log in per organisation. Register with the HDC Website to find the interactive portal.

B A crowd-funding website will be active on the 19 September 2018.

C There is a bi-weekly newsletter.

D Volunteering – details of what is required as well as information on what volunteers are available and their skill-sets

DC Thanked Ms Burt for coming and giving a clear and informative presentation about the HDC Voluntary Sector Portal. DC confirmed that she had registered the BCP with the portal and she had the log-in for the Directors use and she urged the organisation members to sign-up to and start using the portal.

Caroline O’Malley left at this point.

117.2 Apologies for absenceCarolyn Gibbs, Hazel Barnes, Tony Burke, Alan Grant, Owen Davies

117.3 Minutes of the meeting held on 26 July 2018 were accepted as a true record. Change “subscribe” to “prescribe” in the minutes, Chair report, point 2, 26 July. Unanimous

117.4 Matters Arising from the above minutes:

116.4 Retailers group –DC/SD Chris Cooper is in touch with interested retailers.

116.5.2 DC Social Prescribing Scheme – DC and Liz Burt are meeting the Practice Manager of the Surgery in Billingshurst on 20 September to discuss ideas of how the BCP can become involved in supporting patients who the surgery feel would benefit from some emotional and practical support from within the community. SD pointed out that there are already links with the Community Transport and the Wardens that can be obtained through the Surgery. DC said she would check exactly what is available and how any future developments of a scheme could dovetail with what is already on offer.

114.5.8 Railway Station update. PP: The Weald School, (in conjunction with the BCP), is holding an event to mark the 100 years of the First World War. Details below.

117.5 Report from the Chair

  1. HDC Job Fair at Drill Hall Horsham on Wed 19 Sept 11-3pm

  2. HRTP Meeting in Steyning Wed 19 Sept 10am. Need a new BCP rep.
  3. HDC Tourism Forum at Sullington Manor Farm Storrington 16 Oct 14.45-1700
  4. Older People H&WB Day 1 Oct at Roffey Millenium Hall FREE anyone over 50. 10-3.30pm
  5. AGE UK Horsham Strictly Vintage 40’s 50’s Dance Evening. Sat 29 Sept 7-10pm ticket £112.50 Drill Hall Horsham
  6. Weald School History Dept. will be getting involved in putting up WW1 silhouettes at Station to commemorate 100 years of the Great War ending. BCP initiated this after being contacted by Rowen Tyler but if anyone wants to get involved pleases let PP know.
  7. Need new Lions rep. Have approached them and will discuss at their next meeting
  8. NOGGIN report Aug 2018 show footfall up 1% on July. Friday busiest day, followed by Thurs and Sat jointly
  9. Tony Scrase will take over the responsibility / position of treasurer after the AGM. Tony B will continue to support/ input for as long as is necessary.
  10. EYE funding strategy is in place and we have started the process of applying for funding. I am in discussion with a person that came through the HD Vol Sec portal who has vast experience in capital funding projects. I am hopeful that his knowledge will be valuable and useful to us.
  11. I am meeting with practice manager at the surgery and a member of HDC staff to discuss social prescribing on Wed 20th Sept.

117.6 Financial Report contains information: “Payment has been made by LEADER to cover costs associated with the production of the Visitor / Tourist Guide and Map. In addition, regular monthly payments have been made for the maintenance of our Website”. Tony Scrase is waiting for TB to reply to his email re taking over the Treasurers’ position. DC to follow-up and encourage action. No monthly statement presented.

117.7 Reports: Billingshurst Footfall for June & August 2018, Scams PP. Financial

JU Dementia Awareness (verbal)

50 people have attended dementia awareness sessions since they started. It is hoped to have a session each month. The next one is on the 20 September.

117.8 No questions received on project reports.

117.9 Main Report:


There was a meeting of the Billifest Organising Committee on the 6 September. Notes of the meeting have been circulated, with action points. Volunteers are needed and a discussion about how we can attract younger people to volunteer. JC felt that new people joining would better motivated if they were given a specific job to do and new ideas were taken on board.

DC reported that at the 6 September meeting, there had been a discussion that had left her unclear as to whose project Billifest was; was it the BCP or was it a community organized event that the BCP lead on? This was put to the management committee and, after discussion and debate, it was unanimously agreed that as the event is underwritten by the BCP, the insurance is taken out in the name of BCP and all financial, administrative and health & safety responsibilities are the BCP’s (including any losses should there be any), then the event is a BCP event organized for the benefit of the community. It was agreed that if there is any profit from the event after all expenses paid the BCP could claim an administrative fee for organizing the event to go into our general account to cover some of our annual overheads and costs.

DC has posted on the HDC Portal that we need marshals and people for the raffle. She also made a plea to the committee to be flexible and open to new ideas.

Raffle. DC handed SD the Lottery License and the return forms for 2017 and 2018. So as to negate any ambiguity about what the raffle is for the wording on the application is as follows:

To raise money to enable the BCP to organize, promote, manage and deliver Billifest”

She confirmed that as she had applied for the license her name would be printed on the tickets as the promotor as she had signed the form and is the Chair of BCP.

HA is preparing a letter for potential donors of prizes for the raffle.

Marshalls. PP is drawing up a schedule which he has sent out to all members. GK said that volunteers need to know exactly what they are expected to do.

Grand Opening. PP Jeremy Quinn has accepted the invitation to cut the ribbon with the winner of the poster competition. DC will act as his host on the day.

Poster. JBP is going into the school on Friday the 14 September and will hand the winning poster to PP on the 28the Sept in order to reach the printer’s deadline.

Billifest/Year of Culture DC reported that she has been advised that HDC will have a mobile projector and film to promote YoC2019 and she has agreed that we will find a spot for this on Billifest day. Further discussion is needed.

2 AGM Friday 5 October (JBP)

The Stanley Room has been booked, cafe style. It starts at 7.30 pm

Rowena Tyler has agreed to be the receptionist and returning officer.

Wine will be served at the beginning

117.8 AOB

1 Carolyn Gibbs’ fund raising event for Nicaragua made over £500 profit. Another event is planned for the 17 November in the evening at the Unitarian Chapel.

2 CT would like to know who organizes “Home from Hospital”.

3 Woodland Trust SD introduced Malcolm Gilbert’s book on sale for £3.00.

4 Scams Report needs to be sent out again

5 Seniors Lunch Club SD needs to know whether there is funding. DC will speak with TB.

6 GK The History Society has been approached by Helena Roden, the artist who has been commissioned to make a piece of public art for the new north of Billingshurst development. She would like to know more about Billingshurst and suggested we should invite her to our next general meeting. Action GK & DC

7 GK Road Names – Underwood Road with a poppy on the sign celebrating the name of a soldier killed in the First World War has been erected on the new road by Roman Way Surgery

8 CT Hedge Cutting CT said that finally the hedge had been cut outside WAKOOs. The trees still need to be cut back in front of the 20 mile sign outside the Weald on the main road. TP (as a Governor) will assess the need and engage with the school of necessary to get the work done. Action TP

9 Speed watch JBP not being well supported. Volunteers should contact Paul Blackman

10 KB thanked people for plant donations for Station Road Gardens; especially from Architectural Plants and the prison. He has been approached by a group asking if they could allow informal group play toddler rugby on the field. He is pleased to encourage the gardens to be used in this way but he advised them to contact the PC as it is their land. They have refused permission.

11 Youth Council/Forum PP the Wardens in conjunction with The Weald School are going to organise this. DC suggested that Ben Sheldon, the Community Youth should be involved in this activity.

12 CT On 10 November at the BCCC there will be a singalong of First World War songs. A poster is on our noticeboard in Jengers Passage. CT is going to invite “Singing for Pleasure” participants.

13 Lions Representative – DC had approached the Lions Club to ask who will be their representative on the BCP. It will be discussed at their next business meeting.

DATE OF NEXT ORDINARY MEETING Thursday 18 October 2018 7.30 pm

The meeting closed at 9.30 pm





Title Minutes 13 September 2018

Ref 117

Owner Denise Campbell

Author June Perks




Name Denise Campbell

Role Chair, Billingshurst Community Partnership Management Committee

Release Date

Signature………Gillian Knight, Vice Chair, BCP………………………………………………….






14 September

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19 September



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Billingshurst Footfall PP (Below)





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High Street

Members Reports for BCP Meetings

Author Tony Burke
MONTH 12 September 2018

Financial activity since the last report in June has been limited. HDC Grant of 1,000 has been received to help cover our running costs and a S106 Grant payment of 4740 has also been received in respect of QS fees for the EYE Project which have been paid

Payment has also been made by LEADER to cover costs associated with the production of the Visitor / Tourist Guide and Map. In addition regular monthly payments have been made for the maintenance of our Website.

PROJECT Community Safety Scams & Internet Safety
MONTH September 2018

A review of “Phishing”. An ever growing problem for us all and in using the Internet one needs to be vigilant at all times.

  • Email Phishing. Email is the most common way that scammers try to fool you! Hackers will send out an email that looks as if it has come from; for example: PayPal, BT, or a Parcel Delivery Service all of whom you may expect to hear from. The email tells you that there is a problem and to click on the link in the body of the email. That then takes you to a website and then you are asked to enter your personal information. Once you have done that the scammer can harm you in many ways such as causing your PC to freeze and demanding money to correct that. Always check the address of the email and if you are at all uncertain then delete and contact the supposed sender directly to see if it is genuine.

  • SMS Phishing. Texts often claim to come from your Bank or Credit Card Company! They may say that there is a problem with your account or that you have won a prize. They will have an urgent tone! Don’t open as your Bank and Credit Card Company will never contact you in this way. Either contact the Bank or Credit Card Company or go to their website and log in to check if there is a problem.

  • Angler Phishing. If you are a social media user watch out for this. Hackers will set up a fake account in the wake of a data breach or similar event posing as an official company. Just be vigilant as to whom you are talking on all social media such as Facebook or Twitter

  • Malware. Can infect your PC from websites and other Internet portals. Once infected the hacker can gain access to your passwords and so on. The most secure way to protect from malware is to install a counter measure (there are free versions available) and set this up to scan when you start your PC or run at least every time you have been on line. Tedious but you are then secure.

  • Free “wi-fi” Hot Spots. Airports, cafes, bistros, hotels and so on offering a connection to the Internet. Don’t use these unless you have virus and malware counter measures installed on your PC. Logging on to these is, more often than not, a risk that the connection is not secure. You have no way of knowing how trustworthy the person providing the service is. They could be a Hacker or just not so technology aware and what is provided is not secure. Also the hotspot might not be what you think it is. It could be set up by a Hacker not so far away who then can “harvest” all the data of those accessing the service. If you must access the Internet when away from your home then use your mobile to connect via your contract service and not use the free “Wi-fi” hot spot.

  • The “Best Practice” when using Social Media is to ask yourself: Are you comfortable sharing data ? Keep with whom you do share as close as you can. Friends and Family is best and make sure the kids don’t start sharing with their friends or it will go to “The World and his Wife”!